TFG pyramid meme

No idea where this originated.

Not gonna google all these people.

Just offhand, I would say that Alex Jones is on here twice (level 3 & 5), and Fox News/ Rupert Murdock not at all.

But what about the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News. There doesn’t seem to be a Wikipedia article.

All the Russia memes

In case you missed the video of Russia state television gloating — in front of a picture of TFG — about having seen the nuclear documents already, it’s all here, and more. Except for maybe the quotation about nuclear proliferation from October 1986 issue of Spy Magazine.


Bonus instructions for declassifying documents

And where are the women? Ask the National Cryptologic Museum near Fort Mead, Maryland. Here’s part 1:

Belarus explosions…TFG…and more…


Explosions reported at Zyabrovka airfield in Belarus.  Everyone but Russia and Belarus says it wasn’t caused by an engine backfire.  The series of explosions broke glass in windows a mile away.

Attack on FBI office

Ricky Shiffer killed after trying to attack an FBI office in Ohio. He had expressed concern on Truth Social about the search at Mar al Lago and may have been at the capitol on Jan. 6.

“The Ohio State Highway Patrol said Thursday that the armed man attempted to breach the FBI’s visitor screening facility about 9 a.m. After an alarm and response by special agents, the suspect fled.

“The Truth Social post was time-stamped 9:29 a.m. Eastern time.

“Truth Social deleted the profile for “@rickywshifferjr” Thursday afternoon, shortly after media reports began identifying Shiffer.”

Garland speaks

Merrick Garland requests court to release TFG search warrant.

DHS IG suppressed report about phone erasure

The WaPo article – no paywall

The article that has supposedly silenced every single member of congress on social media.

GOP goes silent

Supposedly they have been tipped off by pro-TFG sources that something more will come out.

Morning press conference with @RepScottPerry about the FBI just got cancelled “due to a scheduling conflict. Twitter.

More fundraising – “the 5th time”?

Except that it’s not the fifth time.

Then they served me new ads for the “6th time” and “7th time” and wanted me to check a box to indicate whether I have ever donated before.

The last time they wanted money “for the 1st time recently” was a couple of weeks ago, when they wanted $2.75.
Now they want $1.

Why? It probably costs them more than $1 just to process.

Something is off with their new program.


If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire. — St. Catherine of Siena

LA looks bad tonight.

Fire tornado:

Aren’t a bunch of the Sucksters in LA?  In fact, I do believe a bunch of the Wikipediocrazies are vaguely in California somewhere as well.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough, we must send them a saint.

The fire mystic St. Catherine of Siena should do nicely, she is supposed to be a patron saint of fire prevention. We can find out what exactly she does later, for now let’s just send her out there.


Meanwhile, back in Texas…

Oh my…

He’s not wrong….

Crimea satellite

Yesterday an air force base in Crimea blew up.

This is the biggest thing since the sinking of the Moskva.

Early videos of the area showed windows blown out of apartments a mile away from the blast, vacationers deserting the beach, and a 60 mile line of traffic trying to cross the eastern bridge out of Crimea.

Finally the cloud cover has cleared and there are satellite views available. Here is one, but I thought I saw a better one earlier, if I find it again I will post it.

Ukraine is not known to have any weapon that can hit something at this distance.

So it looks like Ukraine, or maybe The Ukrainian Resistance, has some secret weapon.

No wonder they have been so sensitive about reporters sniffing around reporting on their military procurement.


In the meantime, Belarus has been doing “exercises” on Ukraine’s northern border, and tonight there are more explosions, this time at an air force base in Belarus that has been used for attacks on Ukraine.

Note on Belarus, Aug 9 was the anniversary of the stolen election. #Lukashenko

Chongar (north Crimea)

There are explosions at a bridge in the north of Crimea, I will try to find a link and post it here.  Here it is, “Chongar in Kherson that borders Crimea”, probably trying to take out one of the two bridges that crosses into Crimea from the north/west, but they are probably too far away for accuracy. 

Here is image of the Chonchar fire, you really can’t see much.

Kherson bridges (again)

It looks like the dam just upstream from Kherson is disabled.  As predicted a few days ago, they have hit the bridge over the spillway, not the dam itself.


Roger Stone has nude pics of Alex Jones’ wife

And guess who sent it to him.

Alex Jones.

The Sandy Hook lawyer spills the beans.

Before Bankston’s remarks on Monday, Jones had gone on a tirade about the leak on his rightwing conspiratorial online radio show Infowars, saying those suing him now had a nude photo of his wife. He stopped short of saying that he had sent it to Stone, who received a pardon from Trump after federal authorities investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election charged him.

Bankston, too, had previously said there were “intimate messages” from Jones among the texts that the Infowars host’s lawyer inadvertently provided. But it wasn’t until after Jones’s ranting that Bankston elaborated on what exactly those intimate messages entailed.

It must have been okay with Roger Stone, because Stone is now trying to raise money for Alex Jones.

I wonder how many dudes would send nudes of their wife to this guy. I kinda hope it isn’t a Thing, but I’m afraid to ask.

Bonus pics: Nixon and Trump, (they were pen pals ) Nixon and Bebe Rebozo at Mar al Lago after the resignation.