Natasha and the Encyclopedia Badenov

[RIP June Foray 1917 – 2017]

June Foray may no longer be with us, but we still have Natasha Fatale to tell us everything we need to know about encyclopedias.

Encyclopedias can end in disaster.  Be careful how close you get.

Branding is important, also sometimes things are not in order.

Be wary of the people you work with.

Watch out for trolls and be ready for danger.


You may receive fan mail, of variable quality.

The above are from the second episode of the 1963 Moosylvania series, “Blast Off Spedia with Encyclopedia or Off to Heaven with Volume Seven”.

The new old Sylvia Plath

From the Guardian:

Sylvia Plath alleged Ted Hughes beat her two days before she miscarried their second child and that Hughes wanted her dead, unpublished letters reveal….Written between 18 February 1960 and 4 February 1963, a week before her death, the letters cover a period in Plath’s life that has remained elusive to readers and scholars alike.

Well, duh, did anyone not have this figured out like 30 years ago? She dies; he isn’t even living with her, but in a bizarre act of possessiveness, he goes in and takes charge of all her writings, destroying any evidence of suicide notes, along with all her literary works in progress. In those days, people did not talk publicly about abuse, the pop-psyche self-help explosion would not come along until later, so you had to figure the public part was only the tip of the iceberg.

But now I see this article is 3 months old and, for some reason, is re-emerging now. Perhaps the reason is a July exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Art Gallery that is getting some international exposure.

So here is something curious. Assia Wevill, the woman he was with when Plath killed herself (oh wait it was Susan Alliston) , and who has her own tragic history, is credited with this iconic “sea witch” commercial, all the more ironic when you think of how many women are killed every day by their romantic partners.


List of nonconsensual porn/cyberbullying -related suicides

Nonconsensual porn-related suicides

Cyberbullying  suicides

See also Wikipedia: List of LGBT-related suicides, Suicide among LGBT youth, The Trevor Project


Yet another rape suicide

Megan Rondini, a shy introverted honors student.
Terry Bunn Jr., from a prominent wealthy family.
Megan blacks out at a sorority party and wakes up in Bunn’s Mercedes.

You kinda already know how this one is going to end. An alleged rape and an alleged death.

Megan’s father:

“It was then that we started to learn that this wasn’t going like a normal investigation.”

The alleged attacker:

“I appreciate y’all’s professionalism. And I appreciate the way y’all have handled this,” Bunn told the investigators.

Her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Rondinis say no amount of money will bring their daughter back, but any money they win through the lawsuit will be given to groups that help rape victims.