Tagelharpa Thursday

As Holy Week begins, there isn’t much going on, gender-wise.  It’s all dude-bro stuff.   Jesus washes the feet of the disciples, which yields the traditional hymn/ chant Mandatum, “Commandment”, as in “a new commandment I give you, that you love one another.” If you’re in the mood for that, you could do a lot worse than the Peter Latona version. Then there’s the Last Supper, with its betrayal theme and Judas sneaking out early with the 30 pieces of silver. Doesn’t really resonate, does it, unless you work for the part of the Foundation that deals with harassment.

So here is something completely different: a woman playing a tagelharpa.

The tagelharpa, or jouhikko, is a sort of 3-string bowed lyre.  If you want one, you pretty much have to make it yourself, but fortunately there are plenty of DIY plans on etsy and youtube. The keys I believe are tuned DGG, and horsehair is often recommended over nylon fishing line, but you can google that too if you really want.  There is also some really horrible video of people playing the thing, but if you can start with a video of A Tergo Lupi — as in “A fronte praecipitium, a tergo lupi.” or “A precipice in front, wolves behind” — the thing should just keep autoplaying that group, and you should be okay. The group is a total red link, btw, with no internet presence whatsoever.

Some more data points about A Tergo Lupi:
* Facebook
* Spotify


A Tergo Lupi was born in 2018 with the meeting of the three members, each with a different musical background but with the same vision for the future.

A Tergo Lupi is about ancient dark sounds, tagelharpa, bouzouki and ritual drums, and is about guitars, electronics, industrial distortions.

Working on the first album.

They seem to belong to some sort of Nordic or perhaps Italian metal genre, but are easier to listen to than Wardruna or Forndom with their frankly weird rain and drums stuff, or the simply unmusical Cookie-Monster-meets-rap Amon Amarth.

Camilla M. Ferrari. is on “Break the breath”. She is apparently an Italian archeologist and luthier. “Ebanisteria Musicale”.  Here she is soldering the preamp to a hammered dulcimer. This is better, “Tagelharpa & Ritual Drum”:

Luca Villa is there, and is apparently a rather hairy Italian surveyor. The third one seems to be Fabio Del Carro, also hairy and also Italian, who studied physics. What they are doing with an old Norse instrument is beyond me. 

Looking further, this seems to be mostly a demo for her instrument business. There’s a flute-like instrument on the first video, but it’s hard to get a look at it.


Notability: Dr. Bouman and Brexit the cat

Konferenzdiskussion zur `ZUKUNFT DER EUROPÄISCHEN UNION`
Nathalie Loiseau, former French Europe Minister, “It was a joke obviously. I don’t have a cat.”

Wikipedia is somewhat predictable.  Whenever there is a breaking article, the editors fall over each other trying to create the new article.  Unless it is a woman.  Then they fall all over each other trying to delete the article, or trying to prove that her work was actually done by a man.

So what happened to Dr. Bouman’s article was pretty much par for the course.
First, someone just turned the article into a redirect, in effect, erasing her without discussion. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Katie_Bouman&diff=prev&oldid=892190754

And when that was reverted, took it to AfD.  This is not a drive-by IP, it is an experienced user.

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Katie Bouman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Katie_Bouman

Gah: “At most this merits a redirect to Event Horizon Telescope.” Redirect, the new way to erase women from history.

And they were immediately all over her Github contributions, trying to prove her work was done by a (male) colleague. You never see that stuff with a man. Even when it’s a department head with credits for co-authoring hundreds of research papers – of everything that emerges from his department, or an obvious figurehead reading a script written by someone else. (Did Carl Sagan ever really do anything?  Did the Monkees write their own music or even play their own instruments?)  No one cares.  A man is never questioned.


I always like to see these things for myself, and get my own impressions before I read a lot of judgements by other people.  If you want to see Dr. Bouman for yourself, her 2016 TED talk, now with over 4 million views is “How to take a picture of a black hole“. This appears to be totally her concept, and one she has devoted 6 years of her professional life to (her name is first on the research paper). Although in the talk, she modestly gives credit to her team, as women do.

Brexit the cat

So the same guy who nominated Dr. Bouman’s article for deletion also did an article about Brexit the cat, who he thought was more notable than a woman scientist.

When the outcome of the deletion discussion article for Dr. Bouman’s article was “keep”, attention then turned to the cat, who turned out to be a (non-existent) cat that wanted out when it was in, and in when it was out. It was a joke cat, and has now been redirected to the article for the politician who make the joke. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Brexit_(cat)

It’s kind of comforting in a way to know that British cats act the same way as American cats.  Although I’m not sure what it says about British people.
Bauman’s colleague Andrew Chael defended her on Twitter.

“So apparently some (I hope very few) people online are using the fact that I am the primary developer of the eht-imaging software library (github.com/achael/eht-ima…) to launch awful and sexist attacks on my colleague and friend Katie Bouman. Stop.”


“Otherwise, stick around — I hope to start tweeting ….more about black holes and other subjects I am passionate about — including space, being a gay astronomer, Ursula K. Le Guin, architecture, and musicals. Thanks for following me, …”

Well, did he just wave a red flag at a bull?

User: Tataral

Oh dearie me, the same guy who nominated the Bauman article for deletion also nominated Andrew Chael’s article.


Speedy Delete It is imperative that we delete this page as soon as possible. I’ve just checked, and the Wikipedia servers are completely out of space. We’ve amassed too much knowledge, and are sinking under the sheer weight of it. People who Google things are coming to our site, and we simply cannot keep up anymore! Indeed, if we do not delete this right now I might not even have enough space to finish typing this sente TheOtherBob 23:41, 16 April 2019 (UTC) “


Good point, in the three days since this article was created, more than 5000 people have googled this guy trying to find him, so it only makes sense to delete him from Wikipedia. Not.

And Tataral also removed Chael’s leadership role from the project, describing the edit as “less flowery”.

What else?  Trump surrogate Kayleigh McEnany got a “nobility” tag – Tataral didn’t dare try for compete deletion on an article that has been around since 2012, but the edit summary kinda shows his bias on that one:

another American staffer. A comparable British, French, Russian, Chinese, German or Polish staffer would never get an article here.

…Unlike a French staffer’s imaginary cat. Oh, and a cursory look at the Micheal Jackson page, where Tataral spends most of his time, shows him trying to remove accusations of sexual impropriety from the article, saying the individuals weren’t young enough to be included.  So someone who is more familiar with pop culture might want to have a look at that article and see if it is being white-washed.

Facebook’s Wikipedia Weekly also had a discussion about algorithms used in the telescope, and I was going to post the refs here, as the science behind this is probably more interesting than the Wikipedia personalities. But this morning the links are not to be found. As I recall, there were 3 or 4 named algorithms and teams for the separate quality control visualizations, as well as a simplified version of the original algorithm for this particular project, but the only thing I can give you is the name of the overriding algorithm that Dr. Bauman named, presumably as the lead scientist of the project: CHIRP (algorithm).  If you have watched the TED talk, that should give you all the background you need to follow the Wikipedia article.

This should have been a moment of joy, as the world discovers its first image of a real black hole.  Instead it has turned into a dumpster fire, as Vigilant would say, as there is a widespread, documented, concerted sexist internet campaign to discredit the subject of the article, some of it even by other participating/competing institutions who are doing a bit of “concern trolling” while trying to appear to defend her reputation. Academia can be brutal, even without gender politics, and this concerted attack will now be used to justify not giving women credit for their own work  “for their own protection”.  Wikipedia is not immune to this moment of hype, even now Women in Red will be sharpening its pencils, and probably with good reason.

Oh, the black hole.  Hope you can enjoy it now that it has been used to smear the scientists who brought it to you.

And Dr. Katie Bauman’s initial moment of joy, snapped on a colleague’s cell phone to preserve the moment,  as an image of a black hole appears for the first time:  a moment that has been forever taken away from her.

Rogol / Renee: scraping the bottom of the sock drawer

We’ve seen it before, impersonating someone in order to discredit them.

In the last few weeks, the Rogol / Renee sock drawer menagerie has gotten kicked off of The Conversation and has come back to haunt the Wikipedia criticism sites. And try to discredit us.

So who is being impersonated this time?  Women.  Rogol’s initial sock drawer may have been all “R’s”, and the initial “Renee Baslint” sock may have been just a fluke, a by-product of the British not being very good with French.

But the latest round of socks is an all female cast, and intentionally so.

On WikiTribune we have the “Felicity Braingut” sock.  And on the Wikimedia mailing list we now have “Jennifer Pryor-Summers”.  Someone must be an X-men fan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madelyne_Pryor The scantily-clad Madelyne “Maddie” Jennifer Pryor-Summers is ranked #11 on a list of “hottest Marvel Comic villianesses”.

“Felicity Braingut” is history. https://www.wikitribune.com/user/felicity-braingut/ “When a user is blocked their profile can not be viewed as it normally contains spam information”  LOL, the lights may be out, but someone is still taking out the trash.

Over on the mailing list, “Jennifer Pryor-Summers” seems to have struck a nerve with the guy whose posts always begin with “Hoi”, and who seems to have irritated a few people – he was responsible for the original 40-post soft limit – so “Jennifer” may just be allowed to go on for a while.

The themes are the same though, trolling Jimbo via WikiTribune and making comparisons with Wikinews, both of which are non-issues, and kind of like kicking a dead horse. As I said, this discredits real Wikipedia criticism, as well as real women in the movement, and makes the rest of us look like idiots or psychopaths. Wikipediocracy doesn’t give it any oxygen; I’m beginning to question why I should.

So why do it? Why does he want to make us look illegitimate? The thought has crossed my mind that he might have been hired by the Foundation, or by some faction of insiders hostile to women..

On The Conversation he was politically aligned with the climate change deniers.

Whatever the reason, it is more important to him than his own manhood.  And he always seems to come back to brag somewhere.  Here are the latest screenshots.

Here he has succeeded in getting this blamed on Wikipediocracy, the ultimate WP fanboy sausagefest. This is from Wikirev, Breitbart’s final outpost:

His target is Jimmy Wales, who is a figurehead in the movement. Jimmy’s only power in the movement is soft power, the power to persuade. Jimbo is the very definition of a non-target.
And he solicits a little brigading.

Isn’t that cute?  He has gotten Graaf to be his Mini-Me.

Death, taxes, and cryptocurrency

Happy April 15 tax day to everyone on this side of the pond.

LOL did you trade any Ethereums or Everipedia funny money last year? Inquiring minds want to know.

Pretty sure this wasn’t on my tax form last year.

They haven’t quite got it together yet though, the wannabe Al Capones and alt-right incel types of this world have been using cryptocurrency for their ill-gotten gains since they got kicked off of PayPal.  They (probably) have a reprieve, at least for this tax year.


The Dutch Saint Lidwina

Since it is Sunday, it is time for spiritual reflection.

The obvious choice for April 14 is the Dutch Saint Lidwina (1380-1433), patron of ice skaters, and those with long-term illnesses.

She also has the first recorded image of iron, rather than bone ice skates (PDF in Dutch), and possibly the first recorded case of multiple sclerosis.

4 skate - iron fitting

1 skate = bone 2 skate - magnus 5 skate - kalisz museum - iron 3 skate - horse bone

There is an incredible writeup of this, much better than the usual hagiography, on the blog The Illegiterati:We have opinions, which I know nothing about, but since they also link to XKCD in their sidebar, and because it’s planting season, not to mention tax season, I’m going to just go with it:  “St. Lidwina of Schiedam”, July 3, 2011 by Alex

The only thing certain about Lidwina, or Lydwine (which seems to yield better search results), at least as certain as one can ever be about a saint from six centuries ago, is that she fell on the ice while skating and never recovered. Like many other female saints, her father had also been offered several marriages for her, which were considered good, and which she refused, just prior to embarking on her sainthood journey at the age of 14.

There were rumors about sexual improprieties by the local priest, and more stories about miraculous lactation, that might point to a pregnancy concealed by mystical rhetoric, since women of that era were permitted the spiritual gift of mystical visions.

Now this is truly curious:

“Shortly thereafter, Lidwina had a vision of the Virgin Mary and a host of other holy women surrounding her bed, opening their tunics and lactating into the sky.”

Oddly enough, Commons doesn’t seem to have an image of this extraordinary event, and the art world seems to have ignored it as well.

There are plenty of online images of a lactating Mary squirting milk in the direction of St. Bernard, but not Lidwina.  The Madonna Lactans does seem more of a Flemish thing.

Lidwina is sometimes pictured with roses, as she predicted her death at the time a particular rose bush would bloom.

(This should be good for coloring. Unless it’s too depressing.)

Oh I love it when this happens..there is very little about this saint online, however….I have unearthed an entire 15th century book full of woodcuts of her in her home town library (in Dutch):

One of the top pieces that the Schiedam Municipal Archives has in custody is the incunabel of Liduina, Vita alme virginis Lijdwine written by Johannes (Jan) Brugman. The incunabel comes from the archives of the Old Catholic Congregation of St. John the Baptist. The copy is a print from 1498 illustrated with woodcuts.

Here is one of the illustrations from the incunable. (An incunable or “cradle print” is just a book, sheet of paper, or print – but not a manuscript = printed in Europe before January 1, 1501, in the early days of the printing press.)


Sources for Lydwina/Lidwina/Liedway Peters/St. Lydwine:

Full text:

Sainte Lydwine de Schiedam, by Joris-Karl Huysmans (1848—1907), in French, published Paris 1901.  ASIN: B00L7A6Z6K Internet Archive: (scan from U of Toronto), (scan from U of Ottawa); (scan from U of I Urbana-Champaign), google books.

Johannes Brugman‘s “Life of St Lidwina”, Vita Alme Virginis Lidwine,   printed in Schiedam in 1498. (Download here: Incunabel)

Sir Francis Cruise in his Thomas à Kempis, (Kegan Paul & Co., 1887), description of seeing and venerating the holy relics at Schiedam. In English.  ASIN: B000868YWW Hathitrust. Internet Archive.

St. Lydwine of Schiedam, Virgin; by Thomas à Kempis, 1380-1471; tr. Scully, Vincent Joseph, 1876-; in English, published by Burns & Oates, London, 1912. Also Thomas a Kempis opera omnia (friburgi brisigavorrum:herder, 1902-1918) volume 6 (in Latin) WorldCat. Thomas à Kempis was a contemporary of the saint, work was based chiefly on John Brugman’s Life, also verbal communications of Master John Walters of Lyden, her confessor for 8 years and John Gerlac, a relative who lived in her household. Also from a letter the Governors of the city of Schiedam delivered as a testimony of the ailments of the virgin and maid “Liedway Peters” to Master John Angels of Dordrecht, of the Order of Premontre, of Marienwaer who was then pastor of the town church.  The work was reviewed by Walters and Gerlac prior to publication. Internet Archive; (scan from University of Toronto) , (scan from John A. Kelly Library).

Sainte Lydwine de Schiedam, by Meuffels, Hubert, Paris : V. Lecoffre, 1925, extensive bibliography in Latin, French, Dutch, and other languages. Internet Archive: (microform from University of Chicago)

No text:

Life of St. Lidwine (tr. from Flemish of Ruysbroeck) by Vincent Joseph Henry Scully (1876 – 20th century) (in English)  (bio) (Is this the same as St. Lydwine of Schiedam, Virgin?, I think not.) John Gerlac, her relative and an ascetic writer and a Canon Regular of Windesheim, wrote the saint’s first biography in German. John Brugman’s first Life, the one translated by Thomas à Kempis, is little more than a translation of this into Latin. Brugman’s later biography has more detail.

John Brugman‘s first Life, in Latin translated by Thomas à Kempis, 1380-1471, later biography with more detail, both biographies edited and annotated by Papebroch in the Bollandist’s Acta Sanctorum, April Vol. II [Aprilis, Tomus secundus, eds. Societe des Bollandesites (Paris:Palme, 1866) 270-303].

Entry for Saint Lidwine in Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index.

Iohannis Brugman O.F.M. Vita alme virginis Liidwine, Groningen, Wolters, 1963. xvi + 178pp.+ frontispice, in the series “Teksten en documenten” vol.2, text in Latin.

Het leven van de H. Liduina; Nijmegen, Malmberg, 1890. 136pp.+ frontispice.

WMF loses German defamation case

[H/T Crowsnest on Sucks.]

Hulk Hogan wins lawsuit against Gawker

From Wikimedia blog: “A German court forced us to remove part of a Wikipedia article’s ‘history.’ Here’s what that means.” By and

The ruling stems from a previous lawsuit against the Foundation, originally filed in mid-2018. It asserted that a Wikipedia article’s claim about an academic professor was untrue and defamatory, even though it was backed by a citation to a reliable source.

Except the reliable source was gone, due to linkrot, or so they claim.  Isn’t there a bot that goes around and archives all the citations? So no reliable source that they could point to?  Nah, there’s something they aren’t telling here. Who has the link to the court case?

And isn’t Legal only supposed to support the volunteers when they are acting within policy? Since when is defamation within policy?  Are they that afraid of the volunteers?

“One of the necessary aspects of a never-finished encyclopedia is that mistakes will be made…”

Love the passive voice here.

“It is our firm belief that most complaints are better resolved when the subject of an article works with the volunteer editor community to improve it rather than bringing legal action. As such, we will continue to encourage the people who make requests to us to seek community solutions wherever possible.”

LOL, “please talk to the people we know never answer their mail.”

Should be good job security for the legal team. But then the legal model and the business model of an organization are not always on the same path. Where is management in this?  Oh, yeah, stuck in a non-existent strategy process.

The NYT piece

NYT pull quote - sick people run the thingI am being nudged about this NYT article “Wikipedia Isn’t Officially a Social Network. But the Harassment Can Get Ugly.” so I suppose I need to think of something to say.

In case you’ve used up your 10 free articles this month, possibly by accessing this very article repeatedly, here it is on the Wayback Machine

…which doesn’t seem to be very stable, since it disappears once you scroll to the end of the article – they’ve done something to it to prevent archiving, because this used to work.

pull quote - revictimizedAnd here it is at archive.is

Neither of which will show you the comments, especially the most excellent comments by Wikipediocracy’s cranky Brill Lyle, who seems to be a lot less cranky now that she has had some time away from Wikipedia. [Note: comments are now at the end.]

Here is a sample

On English-language Wikipedia, one of roughly 300 languages with its own site, users are asked to report conflicts with one another on online notice boards, where they are expected to post links to abuse so an administrator can decide whether to take action.

That method problematically forces complaints into the public sphere, said Ms. Lo, the foundation researcher.

“If you’re being harassed,” Ms. Lo said, “the last thing you want to do is tell your harasser that you’re about to tell on them.”

In some cases, situations are dealt with by Wikimedia Foundation staff members or via private emails with volunteer administrators, she said.

Well, that’s news to me, but apparently it might work if you *are* someone and you *know* someone. Like maybe if you are able to get a 30K grant for the WMF from your institution. It is also possible to leverage Wikipedia volunteerism into a solid job offer. Drmies is the obvious case but there are others less obvious, since it is common knowledge that Wikipedia can give greater exposure to your own corporate entity if you know the ropes.

But for every harassment case that is public, on Wikipediocracy or elsewhere, I know of at least 3 more that are not, and I know of none that have been acted on by the Foundation, despite their claims.

The rest of the article is a bunch of LGBLT jargon that reads like the personals section. We get to find out that someone “uses” pronouns and also that there is a new and poorly defined title of Mx. This is probably going to be regarded as insensitive, but who cares?  I mean, unless you are going to jump in bed with someone, why spend so much time sniffing butts? This is not to say such people should be receiving death threats, they should not, but we already know the Foundation is not willing to do anything about that. And I think people like Pax are well-received in the movement — even if they do nothing but wander around being cheerful and vaguely ambiguous gender-wise, they are certainly more valuable than the Manchester crowd that claims to be “content creators” while chasing off genuine professionals that may or may not end up being in competition with them for resources.

Speaking of “Mx”, the latest one to jump on that bandwagon is the Wikimedia Foundation’s own Oliver Keyes aka user:ironholds.  You may remember him from the arbcom case where he was quoted on some IRC channel as wanting to drive a pen through a woman’s throat and watch as her protests grew more feeble (maybe someone will come up with the exact quote… oh it’s here, archived, not gonna link to ED). After that, he had some quarrel with some software group (“R”?) that he left, and did some good work on some dating app (OK Cupid) that had some identities leaked. That quarrel went to Twitter, where he was called a “faggot”, whereupon he responded: “I fuck men.  Do better.”

So what is our Ironholds doing now?

Please note my title is ‘Mx’, not ‘Ms’…” (from his blog, archived)

He is on twitter as Os@farbandish His old Twitter account @quominus seems to have been scrubbed. If you want to hear his voice there is a Wikimania presentation, “Big in Japan”. The slide “What about combating bias through content” looks somewhat interesting, but unfortunately he is mostly describing how he stayed up for 25 hours straight to put together the presentation.  But that has always been his typical loose cannon stuff, maybe it gets better if you can suffer through more of it.

Oh Ironholds, you little minx.  Back in the day, this guy’s favors were the most sought-after amongst the WMF staff, not to mention volunteers, who just so wanted to punish punish ooooh punish him for his outrageously saucy outrageousness.

But these days branding is everything, including money, and especially money.  Ironholds has rebranded himself as Os Keyes, that’s “Mx. Os Keyes” to you. Or maybe Mx has no dot after it, either because Keyes is British or because it’s not an actual abbreviation for anything.

So the “I fuck men” days are over,  and also the pen-in-the-throat trick for silencing black women.  His photo, (I thought it had a mouseover, but you can still see this in the alt title) identifies him as “portrait of the artist as an old queer”, whatever that is.  Looks like he’s sitting in an office with some Seattle pine trees outside the window.  Nice work if you can get it.

ironholds - portrait of the artist as an old queer 

“My current projects investigate how models of gender are encoded within dataset and algorithm design, non-binary experiences in navigating gendered (virtual or real) infrastructure, and collaborative practices in the design of computational systems.” Well, that was a mouthful, and anyone who can come up with that, and convince other people that it actually means something is probably going after some big bucks.

And what has this gender ambiguity gotten him?

The Ada Lovelace fellowship is a “three-year fellowship for PhD students at North American universities who are members of groups underrepresented in computing and pursuing research”.

Keyes, a British national, is a PhD student at University of Washington, a public institution supported by American tax dollars. (“Public” has the opposite meaning in America, in the UK a “public school” is a privately funded boarding school for the wealthy.)

Keyes gets free ride (tuition and fees) for three years in a PhD program, plus $42,000 walking around money.

Keyes is a white Jewish male, who has ridiculed Christians on his (now deleted) Twitter account, as well as taken some undeserved namecalling on his personal blog (also deleted). So, it’s not really clear what “underrepresented group” Mx Os is a member of.

He was previously in law school in the U.S. I lost track of whether he finished that or not, but it’s obviously expensive and you don’t go to law school without some backing from a wealthy family.

For the Ada Lovelace fellowship you also have to be nominated by the department chair.  Hmmm that would be “David McDonald, Professor and Chair of the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering, commended Keyes on this honor, …” That would be this guy who replaced a woman in that position, Jan Spyridakis, when she retired back in 2014. McDonald seems to have done a ton of research involving Wikipedia.

So back to the NYT article.  How to read the tea leaves.  First, it’s been a while since Wikipedia scored a piece in a big name source like NYT; the last one I remember was a puff piece in WaPo at about the time Maher took the helm.  And this one is negative, and interviews a bunch of insiders.

I’m going to take a stab at this and say they were connected with the blessing of the WMF.  So this means the WMF is going to move forward with…something, or maybe is running a flag up the flagpole to see who salutes it.

If it is discrimination in general, it’s way overdue.

If it’s a new transgender thing, then they ought to go back and look at the comment on the Wikimedia mailing list:

There is a Swedish expression “har man tagit fan i båten får man ro honom i land” (If you have taken the devil into your boat you must row him ashore”.

No one minds people like Pax in the boat.  But when it comes to embracing the latest trans ideology – and it is an ideology – they ought to be more careful with their fact-checking. Read up on the Meghan Murphy Twitter controversy, or the men who have infiltrated women’s rape crisis shelters, google “cotton ceiling” (ewww), or follow some of the uglier British stuff going around on Twitter, especially around “Mermaids” and the forced sterilization of children who do not conform to the “right” gender stereotypes.

There are always men looking for ways to tap into the money set aside to overcome traditional barriers against women, and they don’t care if they have to say they are women to get it. If academia can be convinced there is some merit in the current trans gender ideology, the money spigots just may open. Let’s hope Wikipedia does not jump on that bandwagon.

But wait, our Ironholds is being quoted in the press, during a strike at University of Washington:

As Os Keyes, a trans member of UAW 4121, urged the membership during a rally on May 15: “They’re only doing this because they no longer see trans people as merely disposable, but now as useful and disposable. Don’t support this offer. Stand in solidarity with all.”

Is he now claiming to be a woman? Plenty of people must have a different personal opinion about that from back in the old WMF office on Montgomery street. What is going on here?

Comments from the NYT article below the fold

Continue reading “The NYT piece”