Penelope.  One of the Huntington Catalog images from the Berkeley Library Digital Scriptorium Database:

Penelope 640px

Penelope book 640px

This manuscript has an image of Ovid in the frontspiece, and various images of women writing throughout the book. Women include Penelope, Phyllis, Briseis, Phaedra, Oenone, Hypsipyle, Dido, Hermione, Deianira (representing Anne of Brittany?), Ariadne, Canace, Medea, Laodamia, Hypermnestra, Paris (back to men here?), Helen, Leander, Hero, Acontius (representing Louis XII?) (another man), Cydippe, and Sappho.

And one to color.
Penelope to color

Attribution: Berkeley, University of California, The Bancroft Library, call number: HM 60,  folio: f. 3


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