Christine de Pizan image

Christine_de_pisan hi res 380px color tweakedIn posting an answer to my first comment, I realized I had not uploaded an image for my icon. So here it is, an image of writer Christine de Pizan, which perhaps not surprisingly, is only used on English Wikipedia to illustrate the article on décolletage.

Christine de Pizan who became known for her involvement in the Romance of the Rose literary controversy, and went on to write The Book of the City of Ladies, argued that stereotypes of women can be sustained only if women are prevented from entering into the conversation.

Christine de Pizan Gallery  004r

Original image file from Wikipedia here, from the book Six Medieval Women by Andrea Hopkins, artist unattributed. Looking further, the image is from a presentation copy containing a collection of Christine’s works: “London, BL, Harley MS 4431 (1413): the Queen’s MS, commissioned by Isabeau de Bavière; a collection of thirty works in verse and prose, completed in 1413; illustrated by 132 miniatures; now bound in two volumes.” According to the project page, this is from “the largest surviving collected manuscript of the works of Christine de Pizan (1365-ca1431).

Commissioned by Queen Isabeau of France, the collection was planned, copied, decorated and corrected under Christine’s direct supervision, before being presented to Queen Isabeau early in 1414.” Might this be the work of mystery artist Anastasia, who was known to have been commissioned by Christine, and was described by her as “learned and skilled in painting manuscript borders and miniature backgrounds”.]


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