Learned helplessness: there’s nothing you can do about it.

Police violence.  Sexual predators. Cosby.  The lie of your utter powerlessness:

The system is not the slightest bit broken; it is working perfectly, exactly as designed, enshrining wealth, power, corporate personhood and male privilege more than ever, as it defends ignorance, demeans science and education, guts basic civil rights, ignores environmental destruction, keeps women in varying degrees of subjugation and fear, and so on.

There's nothing you can do about it But never mind all that. Because none of the above examples comes close to matching the system’s greatest success, its most glorious and glaring achievement to date. Can you guess?

It’s learned helplessness. It’s convincing millions that the system is just too big, too powerful, too entrenched in its heartless ways and you are far too weak and meaningless, and therefore there is nothing, really, you can do to change it….

Want to help keep the system as it is? Believe all is lost. Want to ensure the system’s eventual, perpetual, ongoing annihilation? Believe the exact opposite.


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