Meanwhile, back in Saudi Arabia: driving while female

UPDATE: Now released after 73 days in jail. And Lujain Al Hathloul was married to Saudi stand up comedian Fahad Al Butairi on 9 April 2015.

Loujain Hathloul and Maysaa Amoudi have now been in Saudi jail for more than 40 days.

Ruh roh.

2 women ( & ) locked up over 1 month for defying driving ban. Still no comment from gov.

Saudi activist Loujain Hathloul, an active campaigner for women driving, is still missing after she attempted to drive across the border from United Arab Emirates, where it is legal for women to drive, and her passport was confiscated at the border. Saudi journalist/presenter Maysaa Amoudi went to the border to support her and bring her supplies and is also missing.

And on Twitter:

Loujain Hathloul and MaysaaX driving ban

Loujain Hathloul on Twitter
Maysaa Amoudi on Twitter

On the Daily Dot: Banned from driving, women in Saudi Arabia find allies online.

According to the Guardian, they have had their cases referred to a terrorism court in Dammam, using a 2007 anti-cybercrime law. At the time of their arrest, Hathloul and Amoudi had a combined Twitter following of more than 355,000.

The Sydney Morning Herald carries the story as well: Human Rights Watch recently warned that “Saudi authorities are ramping up their crackdown on people who peacefully criticise the government on the internet.” It said that judges and prosecutors are using “vague provisions of a 2007 anti-cybercrime law to charge and try Saudi citizens for peaceful tweets and social media comments.”


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