Quote of the week: “looking for another cyber smackdown”

Quote of the week.  Ironic that the comment had to be made anonymously.

One editor suggested to ban IP’s but without much reason other than they can hide behind a cloak. Some are upset when they cannot easily target someone with unwarranted attacks. That type of character assassination is what makes Wikipedia such an unwelcome place for many. It is that distrustful, assume no faith attitude that has poisoned the editing environment. The lack of decorum, rampant distrust and character assassination continue to erode the community standards. There are great guidelines covering behavior here at Wikipedia but they remain only platitudes because of the toxic vile flowing from so many regular editors who would have long ago sent packing in any professional environment.

….[I]t is not about intestinal fortitude but about reasonable expectations. It is reasonable to expect the environment here would reflect a more professional and ordered editing atmosphere. It may be you have more sense and better things in life to do than to engage in unproductive go no where arguments. Some regulars have come here to talk smack about other editors to make up for personal shortcomings in their own life. Many enjoy putting others down to boost their imaginary self importance. They have become very skilled in the art of cyber insults from spending many hours daily engaging in it. The question I ask is how do they help the community foster a conducive and welcoming environment for those who have come to add their expertise but whose own busy lives do not allow the time to address petty editors looking for another cyber smack down. It as if the inmates are running the asylum. (talk) 11:44, 1 March 2015 (UTC)


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