Japan “comfort women” denial

This is weird, from Micheal Yon‘s FB page:

Japan: The Truth about sex slavery lies is Growing Legs

The sex slavery revisionists are now reacting to facts, rather than conducting their blind assaults against Japan and our alliance. The feminists know that the sex slavery narrative is a grand fabrication. The feminists are getting cornered up. Their arguments are collapsing and they know it.

What’s all this about “lies” and “feminists”? Micheal Yon would seem to be defending the deniers in the Japanese government, but his link, Debunking the Japanese “Comfort Women” Denier Talking Points, does not seem to bear this out. So is something new going on here?

The English Wikipedia article at least is stable, although there was a new link added earlier in the week for “Stance on ‘comfort women’ undermines fight to end wartime sexual violence“. Ah wait, I think I see it. The big Japanese government denial headlines were back in 2007 in the NYT, but there was a global conference on sexual violence n conflict in June 2014. “The summit was almost completely ignored in Japan. Ironically, the public and media were much more preoccupied at the time by picking apart the results of a government-ordered review of the 1993 Kono Statement, the Japanese government’s apology for the forcible recruitment of comfort women to satisfy the needs of Japanese soldiers in WWII.” Also it looks like the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII is coming up. In the Asian theater that would be August 14 and 15, 1945.


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