Farkhunda: Moslem women carry another coffin

Yesterday, the body of Farkhunda, was carried by Afghan women, defying Moslem tradition, with men forming a circle to protect themFarkhunda - women carry the coffin. Farkhunda was beaten to death and her body burned, after false rumors circulated that she had burned a Koran. See #Farkhunda.

Hundreds of people gathered at a graveyard Sunday in the middle-class suburb near Farkhunda’s home. With the permission of her father, the women in black carried her coffin from an ambulance to an open-air prayer ground, and then to her grave, rituals that are usually attended only by men.

“She is a sister to you all, and it is your duty to bury her,” Farkhunda’s brother Najibullah, standing graveside, told the crowd.

In February, mobs of Turkish women defied Moslem tradition and carried the casket of Özgecan Aslan, who was beaten to death resisting a rape attempt. Men protested with a miniskirt photo campaign, tweeting photos of themelves in miniskirts. See #ozgecanicinminietekgiy
ozgecan - turkish women carry coffin


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