Sexual harassment: an Egyptian solution

cairo harassment mapHarassMap – Egyptian women putting a stop to sexual harassment in the streets

“Fed up with getting catcalled and leered at every day on their way to work, a group of Egyptian women has launched HarassMap, an online map that lets women anonymously report, via text, email, Twitter, or Facebook, exactly where they got harassed. They can also add a description of the experience and upload pictures or video.”

A similar map for SyriaFor Palestine.  And for India.

The links on their front page seem to be broken, but here is their FAQ page.  And the map.

As a result of this initiative, Cairo university has a new anti-harassment unit, with a written safe space policy.  There is a new Egyptian anti-harassment law as well.

The group says its goal is to “build a strong social consensus against sexual harassment, so that everyone sees it as a crime that a harasser should be punished for. If bystanders and police continue to make excuses for harassers and blame the harassed, not even the best law will ever be enforced.

HarassMap - reasons for not intervening in harassment


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