“Carol Moore” is now a verb

Wkipediocracy has just gotten trolled by someone who summed up the current ArbCom  Lightbreather case as

“Just one of the uppity women editors who dared stand up to The League of Misogynist and Abusive Males. They’re circling the wagons in an attempt to Carol Moore her, lest the boys actually have to act like civilized human beings.”

spiny norman over dcEric Corbett misidentified the amusing little troll as Carol Moore herself. No way. The style is not even close.

The next target for snark was Corbett himself, the taunt descended to adolescent levels, and was only partially redeemed by responding to the tired “content-creator” argument by pointing out “the cost of high levels of drama and general disruption, along with the complete decay of the collaborative and civil nature of Wikipedia. .. There’s no net gain when the project is collapsing around those articles he wrote.”

The mods had started paying attention, but were as yet uncertain. Carol Moore is Wikipediocracy’s favorite boogeyman (boogeywoman?), but she is technically still a member in good standing. And Eric Corbett is also a member, but not particularly well-liked there, although like everyone else, they’re mostly too intimidated to say it. So, is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Or is the friend of my enemy my enemy? The troll had just started a very lively discussion indeed, and comments on the board were perking up, when it decided to tread on two very sacred Wikipediocracy toes: the vandalism experiments of Greg Kohs, who is the owner of record of the Wikipdiocracy domain, and the takedown of abusive admins–the telling of truth to such power is the juice that runs through Wikipediocracy’s veins.

Bye, little troll, and thanks for the popcorn.


9 thoughts on ““Carol Moore” is now a verb

  1. There are no requirements for posting comments, as far as identification or email accounts, also no word filters, so commenters are free to show their true colors, and to post as anonymously as they wish, although there is also the option to link to your personal blog.

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