How to make a cyber hit list

2 hit list with Slain Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane CharbonnierDo you have a list of Wikipedia editors you want indeffed?  If your list is large, it can be difficult to track so many people.

Now there is an answer, thanks to Tutelary, an internet pornographer and female impersonator, who was last seen directing traffic for Men’s Rights Reddit on Lightbreather’s grant proposal for a women’s safe space on Meta.   Tutelary didn’t sign his post, but it’s all there in the history.  And Tutelary can claim some experience with mobilizing hate campaigns: there were plenty of woman haters who turned up in response to the secret canvassing on Reddit.

Tutelary has bragged openly about pretending to be a woman, and offering to email nude photos. When the recipient opens the email link, it triggers a malicious code that infects their computer.  Presumably this is how Tutelary populates his online porn business, by using the malware to harvest any pornography or selfies stored on the victim’s cellphone or laptop.  (For the proof/links, google “Tutelary Wikipedia”.)

1 Al Qaeda hit list from Inspire Magazine in YemenSo, the hit list.  It’s very easy.  It uses your watch list. Says Tutelary, “I have a large amount of items on my watchlist,”  [ha ha, I bet] “and I generally don’t look back to the day beforehand even if I skip a day due to real life stress or other real life factors. As a result, I can sometimes miss the ‘X administrator blocked Y person’ on my watchlist.” If dozens of Reddit women-haters are depending on you to eliminate female Wikipedia users, the last thing you want to miss is when one of them gets blocked, so that you and your friends can harass them by gloating and posting hate messages on their blogs. (For an example, see the comments on the Carol Moore post above.)

So all you do is apply a code, which by the way, was written by a well-respected former arb.  “With that userscript, however,” explains Tutelary, “their user page and talk page and their username where they’ve signed is greyed out and crossed out because they are blocked. It is useful for that purpose.”  So much more convenient than the old-fashioned photos with red X’s, don’t you think?

So who might have a use for such a thing?  Who oh who might possibly have common cause with Tutelary, and his anti-woman campaign?  Surprise, surprise, surprise, Tutelary has brought his offering to the altar of none other than Eric Corbett, just like his wiki-buddies Two Kinds of Pork and Hell in a Bucket before him.  Corbett now openly identifies himself as the “Manchester Mafia”. [diff] [diff].  Tutelary introduced himself to Corbett’s talk page by saying  “I can’t comment on Eric’s block nor GGTF as it would probably fall under my topic ban”, thus identifying himself as a brother-in-arms against female Wikipedians.  Apophasis much?  Or is this more of a “praeterito paralipsis”–emphasizing something by the pretense of omitting it.

And who is their common enemy?  Whose name are they waiting to go dark on their watchlists, from the secret men-only cyber caves where they form their plots? Who do they want to sleep with the fishes?  Lightbreather, no?  The same Lightbreather who Tutelary went after on Meta, the same Lightbreather who is currently being railroaded at ArbCom by Eric’s fan club, who is so fixated on expressing his vitriol at women in general, and on Lightbreather in particular, that he was willing to breach his latest topic ban by spewing vitriol against her.

In the meantime, the now hidden Wikipediocracy thread characterizes the LIghtbreather Arbcom case as

“Oh ha ha, her arm is in a sling so she can only type with one hand.  Time to bury her in diffs and b& her ass hard”…..fuckers….

Lightbreather Twitter 640px


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