Two Kinds of Pork drinks the koolaid

Why did Two Kind of Pork troll Wikipedia’s  gender WikiProject so obsessively?  TKOP has finally revealed his true colors on Wikipediocracy, by typing the words “social justice warrior”.  But he quickly covered his tracks.   In response to a request by site admin Zoloft, TKOP refactored his remark, whereupon Zoloft deleted his own comment.  The only thing left to show what happened is a computer stamp by the site software saying “edited 1 time in total”, and a “social justice warrior” link to Men’s Rights Reddit  in the previous post.

TKOP SJW screenshot

“Two Kinds of Pork” uses the screen name “When pigs fly” on the Wikipediocracy forums. And in harassing emails, he is “Ricky dicky in your icky“. (He has admitted to sending this email in a Wikipediocracy thread, now closed.) But his old BFF Hell in Bucket still carries water for him, asking about TKOP’s subsequent ban on an arbitrator’s talk page. The guy does have some kind of anal thing going. His most recent bizarre advice for improving the WMF is that “every user gets fitted with an anal probe“.


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