Women who edit: an “extremist, radical minority”

pinky and brain take over the worldReddit’s latest meatpuppets are busy recruiting a new lynch mob.

Reddit user AmethyGloriCorn exhorts Gamergate “fellow travellers” (Communist sympathizers ??) to take over Wikipedia from “extremist, minority views”.

At Arbcom, an anonymous user says exactly the same thing in exactly the same tone:

  • There is no “broad consensus” that women should not be harassed.
  • Women who object to harassment are “doing it the wrong way”.
  • The cause of harassment is women objecting to harassment.
  • Women who object to harassment “should be held accountable”.

In other words, harassment is a taboo subject, and must not be discussed.  Victims must be blamed for causing their own harassment, and taught a lesson by driving them out.

Nothing is said about the harassers and abusers.

So who is this IP 2600?  Remarkably for a new user, they have only made two edits. On their very first ever visit to Wikipedia, they were able to find an obscure ArbCom page. On their second edit ever, they vandalized a female admin’s talk page (abusive comment in the edit summary).

No hypocrisy there, they practice the same abuse of women that they defend, after making the case that they should be able to get away with it.


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