Gamergate: “It’s about who is and is not allowed to have a voice…”

For those who haven’t followed Gamergate, here is “The only guide to Gamergate you will ever need to read“.

But Gamergate, crucially, isn’t just about gender. It’s not, contrary its name, even about video games. At its heart, remember, the so-called “movement” (if an ambiguous hashtag with no leaders and no articulated goals can be called a movement), was always about how we define our shared cultural spaces, how we delineate identity, who is and is not allowed to have a voice in mainstream culture. It’s about that tension between tradition and inclusion — and in that regard, Gamergate may be the perfect representation of our times.

As a bonus, we get a definition of “social justice warrior”: “a kind of shorthand insult for liberals and progressives” from a politicized movement that is “a swelling of vicious right-wing sentiment.”

Oh, and the game that started it all, Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest, is free. You can “play” it here.


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