Eric Corbett: putting “this cunt thing” into perspective

Eric Corbett 2012Eric Corbett once again drops the c-bomb, this time on Jimbo’s talk page, with something like a bazillion talk page watchers. And nothing happens.  Nothing.

Wait, isn’t there a topic ban? And a prohibition against Corbett belittling other editors?

And isn’t there a policy against “Harassment of an editor on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability...”

Empty words.

Corbett makes it clear enough his words are meant to bite, and are targeted at Americans and women specifically.

Corbett perspective

And right on cue, the rest of the bullies show up to take over the playground with their masturbatory language.

DHeyward (of Gamergate notoriety): (diff, diff)

Brustopher: (diff)
Dr. Blofeld: (diff, diff, diff)
Cassianto: (diff, diff)


Once again, hate speech rules the day. This is the real purpose of this exercise, to drum this into the subconscious minds of everyone reading it, to drop this into the background noise, without examining the premises up front.  So that when a woman tries to participate on Wikipedia, everyone will already be on the same page about what their response to her should be.

The purpose of women in the Wikimedia movement is for men to masturbate. And the most odious thing anyone can be compared to is the female body.   Wikipedia endorses that message.


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