Hugo awards: Gamergate takeover fails

hugo awardAfter last week’s failure to take over the science fiction Hugo awards, the Gamergate losers in this latest round of culture wars threw a tantrum at The Federalist. Here’s how it starts:

“What’s the difference between ISIS and social justice warriors? Well, one recruits its members from the most pathetic, disaffected, pathological members of society, claims to stand against shadowy conspiracies and bullying by the West, and destroys revered cultural institutions in fits of fanaticism.

“The others are unhinged terrorists in the Middle East?”

From there the rhetoric moves on to “utter destruction”, “war on nerds” (huh?), and “McCarthyist blacklisting”. Because not giving someone an award is the same as depriving them of work and forbidding them from publishing.

The leader of this latest takeover attempt is Vox Day, a.k.a. Theodore Beale. Beale advocates a radical Christian takeover of America, and claims blacks are inherently less civilized than whites, says women should not be allowed to vote because women will “vote for whomever they would rather f***”, and opposes education for women because “a society that sends its women to college stops breeding”.

For an explanation of this year’s Hugos without all the weird “Sad Puppies” and “Rabid Puppies” jargon, see the Chicago Tribune‘s “Hugo Awards: Rabid Puppies defeat reflects growing diversity in science fiction”. A more pessimistic view is at NPR’s “How The Sad Puppies Won — By Losing”, which points out the Gamergaters succeeded in preventing worthy authors from being recognized, and turned the awards into a discussion of tactics rather than the enjoyment of science fiction.


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