Another rape suicide

rape death scare quotesThis time it happened on a British campus.  After six months of inaction by the authorities, “alleged” rape victim Hannah Stubbs has killed herself.

Stubbs was studying to become a physiotherapist.  She had done missionary work in Ghana and wanted to do relief work in Haiti. Over 700 people turned out for her funeral.

What does the perpetrator get? Anonymity, a future, the chance to continue with his studies, and the chance to rape again.

What does the victim get? Her future destroyed. Her name in headlines.  An official statement from Keele University that they are “deeply upset”, but not that they are going to take any action.  A referral to a shrink, but did the perpetrator get a referral? And an article in the BBC News with the word “rape” in scare quotes. Oh, and “a file was compiled”.

Says her aunt, the Reverend Sally Smith:

“She felt she was unable to continue with her studies, because the person who attacked her was still a student at the university. She was offered counseling by the university, but the fact that the perpetrator was still there and allowed to study was obviously a huge issue for her, something that she felt she couldn’t continue with her own studies.  So she felt that it had all ended for her–she had no future. If things had been dealt with differently, Hannah could well be here today continuing her studies and looking forward to life as a physiotherapist.”

According to Hannah’s grandfather Peter Stubbs,

“I was in business and if something had occurred on the factory floor the person involved would be suspended while an investigation was carried out. I am at a loss to understand why that did not happen at Keele.”


And Wikipedia?

Hannah Stubbs funeral1 Hannah Stubbs1 Hannah Stubbs casket


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