Does Tutelary control Reddit attacks on Wikipedia?

It has long been obvious that attacks on Wikipedia women have been coordinated off site, and that one of those off-site coordination points is Reddit. For instance the attack on Lightbreather’s grant proposal on Meta. If you look at the first page of the proposal, you will see an unsigned “note” at the bottom made by a user named Tutelary, that redirects anyone who lands on that page to a different page, which was subsequently attacked by meatpuppets who had been linked to that page on Reddit.

tutelaryWho is Tutelary? Google “Tutelary Wikipedia” and you will come up with a number of answers.

Maybe a man who brags about impersonating a woman.

tutelary youtube_profileMaybe a boy who has had sex reassignment surgery.

Maybe someone who promises porn in order to get people to open links containing malware.

tutelary customerMaybe someone who brags about selling something via YouTube, but whether it is porn, or malware for hijacking nude photos is unknown. A tragic figure, I think.  And an immensely destructive one.

Now a Wikipediocray user Tarantino has linked Wikipedia user Tutelary / Ging287 to the Reddit user Der_Process, who is a moderator on r/WikiInAction/ which incidentally now seems to be obsessed with anything Jewish.  This would seem to lend credibility to the rather bizarre assertion I saw somewhere recently that the initials “SJW” were deliberately chosen to have the letters J and W next to each other as JW=JEW, so that defending women would be subconsciously linked with Jews.



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