Glamour Magazine and Caitlyn Jenner

jennerSo, would your mother let you out of the house in this outfit?

Scraping the bottom of the right-wing commentary, we find some lessons from Caitlyn Jenner being named woman of the year by Glamour Magazine.

How to become a successful woman:–

Good rants by Laura Meyers:

What women do with their womanhood is what is inspiring, not simply just being one.

When a mother wipes her daughter’s tears and tells her to stand up to that stupid boy at school that called her a name (probably because he likes her), she deserves an award. When a woman faces a room full of powerful men and refuses to use her gender as an excuse, she deserves an award. When a woman invites active duty service members into her home for Thanksgiving dinner because they don’t have the chance to go home for the holidays, she deserves an award. When a single mother overcomes the struggles of single parenthood and evades poverty while raising children by working endless hours and kicking ass, she deserves an award.

It’s what she does as a woman, to overcome struggles of womanhood, to advance womanhood, to inspire womanhood, that deserves an award.

And besides, she hasn’t even made a sandwich yet.

and Nicole Russell:

By choosing Jenner as woman of the year, Glamour endorses the idea that men are better at being women than we are.  Glamour is sending a clear message about a new kind of feminist-driven patriarch, who pushes women out of our spaces and expects submissiveness of their feminist enablers. . .. Apparently real women can’t cut it, so we’ve got to import men into our ranks to win awards.

…As a bona fide woman with real ovaries and breasts and who’s experienced countless menstrual cycles and given birth to four babies—all uniquely female issues—I’m slightly offended a man was named woman of the year. …

If anything, Jenner should win man of the year for winning woman of the year. Usurping a women’s award is pretty much the most male thing ever, is it not?

I’m trying to find something wrong with these statements.

And Jenner?  At 4:22 minutes into the video, Jenner tells Diane Sawyer, “My brain is much more female than it is male.”  Um, and what, exactly, does a “female brain” feel like?


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