The non-existent “female brain”

male female fearFrom Women’s Agenda:

You’ve probably heard the myths about how male and female brains are wired differently, but the science is in and that’s all they are: myths.

“Sex differences in the brain are irresistible to those looking to explain stereotypic differences between men and women,” said Dr. Eliot. “They often make a big splash, in spite of being based on small samples. But as we explore multiple datasets and are able to coalesce very large samples of males and females, we find these differences often disappear or are trivial.”

Most recently debunked, according to a study published in the journal NeuroImage: a myth about the hippocampus and emotions. But what about the the size of the corpus callosum? Nope. Or the way the left and right hemispheres process language? Nope. Maybe someone will come up with a new theory.


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