Wikipediocracy: Are WMF employees junkies or criminals?

640px workhouseOne of the curious things about the Wikipedia criticism site Wikipediocracy, is that unlike Wikipedia, it does not have audit trails so you can trace edits and find out who made them, and who deleted them.  So if, for example, you read that certain WMF employees are drug users, and someone goes back and removes the accusation, there is no way to prove it was even said at all, unless you managed to get a screenshot.

But you cannot un-see what you have seen.  Once an accusation that damages someone’s reputation is hurled into the internet, can it ever go away completely?

county workhouses sampleTwo WMF employees, who I have no reason to believe are anything but respected and qualified professionals, and who I will not name here, are now being called indigent criminals.  The previous accusations have been replaced by the phrases “available for employment” and “county workhouse”.  In case anyone can’t google this, a county workhouse is a correctional facility for convicted criminals, including drug offenders. (Screenshot on the right; click to enbiggen.)

zoloft fluffernutter threadAnd who is responsible for this?  Is this just a prank that has escaped the moderator’s eye? Nope.  it was done intentionally by site moderator Zoloft, aka Stanistani, aka William Burns.

william burns wikipediocracy500px


4 thoughts on “Wikipediocracy: Are WMF employees junkies or criminals?

  1. I stand corrected on Zoloft, aka Stanistani, aka William Burns. That leaves only Greybeard as a Wikipediocracy moderator I have some respect for, but as you said elsewhere, he’s not very active.

  2. Well, I suspect it’s more complicated than that, it always is, but let me think about it. There are some other moderators that are hardly ever around, but who don’t do anything much, one way or another. In all fairness I think it was Zoloft who ended up enforcing the unofficial c-word prohibition. There were a couple of regulars like Vigilant and the guy with the cat, and probably a couple of the gamergators, who rather rudely tested the boundaries, and ended up disappearing for a while. I suspect Zoloft is also one of the few strictly hetero guys on the site. But in the long run, you can’t sit on a pile of vipers without exhibiting some snakelike characteristics yourself.

  3. I see you have no idea why I changed that topic from something that could have been regarded as actually libelous to something Dickensian and satirical. As for Lightbreather, her identity and private information remains protected. As it should be. The harassment she’s had to put up with was horrible.

    Best wishes to all.

  4. Oh, did I miss the “sarcasm” placards? I fail to see anything literary or humorous about accusing known persons of sexual perversions or, for that matter, of being inmates of a minimum security prison. Kiefer Wolfowitz’s insinuations using references to lyrics [link] [link] are particularly sleazy. But of course he takes care to cite “about which Vigilant has clarified that he knowledge”, therefore RS.

    So again, out of all the hundreds of WMF employees, why have these two advocates of Safe Space policies been singled out? Kind of a coincidink, ain’t it. And given the Streisand effect surrounding the whole Lightbreather case, that both Arbcom and Wikipediocracy have fueled shamelessly, it’s not likely that either one of these individuals will dare protest, Yeah, I totally get it that this guy threatened to set Kiefer on fire, and Kiefer probably isn’t done playing with him yet, even after two years, but you’re making claims–and dubious claims at that–against people in a forum where they’re unable to defend themselves.

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