We consecrate our anger (hello, arbcom? arbcom?)

The proposed decision for Arbitration enforcement 2 has now been posted.

we consecrate our anger

Someday I’ll tap directly into the raw, supercharged fuel of my anger. I’ll stop going numb with blind rage when I think about racism and misogyny and homophobia and militarism and plutocracy and the rape of the earth.

On that day, my fury will become so beautiful and strong that I’ll sit down and write The Book of Anger in one sustained three-week frenzy of creative indignation. It’ll be filled with stories that inspire everyone who reads it to express their unique sacred wrath in the most constructive way possible.

Until then, I will work to sublimate my rage so it doesn’t leak all over everything. I’ll honor it by honing it and treasuring it as a precious resource, alchemically blending it with my compassion so that it will always be expressed in the name of love.

[Source: Rob Brezsny]


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