Go vote now

scalesIs there anyone in the known universe who does not understand what devastation the current Arbitration Committee has brought both to Wikipedia and to the public reputation of the Wikimedia Foundation?

If you do not do your part to vote them out, then YOU are part of the problem.

Vote HERE.

The main election page is here. Please note the voting requirements–basically 150 edits before the cutoff date–and most importantly the WAY the votes are counted. You can vote support, vote oppose, or vote neutral for each candidate. A neutral vote does nothing. In order to vote strategically, you must vote to OPPOSE the candidates you do not want. This actually subtracts votes from them and gives your own candidates a double advantage.

You can study the candidate statements yourself, or you can look at Smallbones’ voting guide, specifically tailored to gender issues, which in my pinion is the single crisis facing the WP right now. His Signpost op-ed  on bullying is here.   Fuzheado also has a good list, although a bit short. Two of the candidates, Keilana and Kevin Gorman, run the gender mailing list. Two candidates, Keilana and Kirill, have had the courage to block Eric Corbett, a difficult block indeed.

Now go get three of your friends to vote.


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