Enough of your complaints

John Oliver mocks the Mexican government‘s recent “enough of your complaining” advertising campaign:

Text (with the money quotes in green):

  • Oliver: Let’s move on now to Mexico, the only place you can get a truly authentic Volcano Queasarito.
    Mexican’s President Enrique Peña Nieto has been struggling in the polls recently.
  • Announcer voice: Poverty remains deep-rooted, and massacres involving security forces and corruption scandals has made the most unpopular president in twenty years.
  • Oliver: “Wow, Mexico most unpopular president, that’s actually impressive. Until recently, the most unpopular president in Mexico was still American president James K. Polk, also known in Mexico as “that guy who took Texas from us”.
    “Mexicans are justifiably upset at the moment, which is why a video that the Nieto government placed on their YouTube page on Monday was such a bad idea.”
  • Announcer’s voice: “In  vignette set in the working classmexido, the carpenter tells of a work-mate moaning about reforms, with what the PR department must have thought was a killer line, ‘Enough already of your complaining’, he says, in slang.”
  • Oliver: “Enough of your complaining?? You get used to politicians say ‘we’ve heard your voice’, but they don’t usually follow that up with ‘and it’s annoying, so shut the fuck up’. Unsurprisingly the Mexican public was not impressed.”
  • Guy on street: “How are we not going to complain when there’s so much wrong with the country?
  • Another guy on street: “If they solved the problems we wouldn’t be complaining.
  • Announcer: “Twitterers jumped on the theme with a long list of complaints they do have in the country, where corruption and impunity dominate. Within hours, the video was gone.”
  • Oliver: “Yeah. Yeah. Gone from their YouTube page, but not gone from the *internet*. You’d think people would know by now, you can’t delete anything from the internet. The only way to guarantee no one will see something on line is to put it on Newsweek.com, that’s the only way to guarantee it. And while the video may have been taken down, the hashtag it inspired, #yachole, Spanish for “enough” is going strong, with people tweeting stuff like ‘enough with the excessive political theft, forced disappearances, and corruption’, and ‘enough with your corrupt and mediocre cabinet, Peña Nieto”, and my absolute favorite, a gif that says ‘enough with your…’ and then just an exploding poop emoti. And that is perfect. When the government decides to tell its citizens to stop complaining, they should know that shit is eventually going to blow up in your face.

The exploding poop emoti is claimed by a group of street artists called #rexiste, a group that was also active in the #YoSoy132 movement, which protested the July 2015 deaths of photojournalist Rubén Espinosa, activist Nadia Vera, Yesenia Quiroz, Mile Virginia Martín, and Alejandra Negrete. For more street art, see their website.



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