Hildegard: air, earth, fire, and water

Hildegard of Bingen was known for her visions, but she also composed liturgical music, sung here by Anonymous 4. (H/T the incomparable Philippe)

Playlist, “Origin of Fire”:

1 Hymn: Veni creator spiritus 4:31
2 Sequence: Veni spiritus eternorum alme 2:42
3 Antiphon, O quam mirabilis est 3:31
4 Vision 1 “The fire of creation”: Et ego homo 1:46
5 Vision 1 “The fire of creation”: Et audivi 3:11
6 Sequence: O ignis spiritus paracliti 7:52
7 Vision 2 “Wisdom and her sisters”: Vidi etiam 2:22
8 Vision 2 “Wisdom and her sisters”: Prima autem 3:12
9 Responsory: O felix anima 6:40
10 Vision 3 “The fiery spirit”: Iterumque vocem 2:00
11 Vision 3 “The fiery spirit”: Et imago 5:00
12 Hymn O ignee spiritus 10:07
13 Vision 4 “Love”: In vera 2:06
14 Vision 4 “Love”: Et audivi vocem 3:22
15 Antiphon Caritas habundant in omnia 2:18
16 Antiphon O eterne deus 2:34
17 Hymn Beata nobis gaudia 2:47

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