Troll insurance

NakedManAtComputerThis is a great idea.  Want to end harassment?  Turn the lobbyists loose on them.

This week, Chubb, a global insurance company, announced “trolling insurance,” for its U.K. customers…Policyholders will be able to claim up to £50,000 to pay for, among other things, therapeutic counseling, time spent not being able to work, or having to move.

The insurance lobby is worth $118,590,460 a year.  Let’s make it an insurance problem and see what they do to reduce their risks.

Online harassment is often tech-enabled, reactionary, gender-based backlash. Women bear the bulk of the financial, emotional, professional, psychological and physical costs. It affects our ability to work, go to school, exercise, earn a living, and freely express ourselves. Women silence themselves, opt out of doing certain work, avoid certain topics, are fearful, and restrict their level of public engagement, and worry about how their employers or schools might respond if they are targeted.

Nope, this is not deep pockets, this should not be who has to pay for it.

Women have to be, and are, hyper-vigilant in daily life. This hyper-vigilance is characteristic of post traumatic stress, the kind that occurs when women are followed, stalked, harassed on the street, and assaulted. Harassers leverage this pre-existing reality. Some studies show that online harassment takes an even greater psychological toll than offline harassment does.


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