O little town of Manchester

This photo of Manchester on New Year’s Eve has gone viral.  It appeared in the Manchester Evening News, abbreviated M.E.N.  Who could have seen that one coming?  lmao.gif~c200 lmao.gif~c200 lmao.gif~c200

It seems Jimbo himself has become something of an art connoisseur.  The BBC reports “And the requests to buy Joel’s prints continue – the latest from Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.”
manchester nye viral pic

manchester pic with spiralAmateur art critics have gone to town on this, with one even attempting to prove the image is based on a “golden ratio” theory.

But I say no.  All the best art these days is based on triangles. Here is the proof.

last supper with trianglesThe Last Supper by ‎Leonardo da Vinci?  Triangles.



Guernica with trianglesPicasso’s Guernica?  One huge triangle.



manchester with trianglesThe Manchester photo itself is nothing but a series of strategically placed triangles.

I rest my case.


And the guy with the beer?  The guy is okay, the beer is okay.  And by now you should be able to spot the obvious triangles.
manchester a moment later

[Photo credit Joel Goodman. Photo gallery here.]



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