Death by turning down sexual advances

psychoI think every woman knows it’s hazardous for her career to turn down the advances of a powerful man at work. But more and more, turning down men on the street is becoming a death-defying act.

*Janese Talton-Jackson shot and killed after turning a man down

*Mary Spears, killed after refusing to give a man her phone number

*An unnamed woman had her throat slashed after refusing a man’s advances

*A man in Santa Barbara killed seven women after posting a YouTube video threatening retribution for every woman  “who’ve ignored or rejected him over the past eight years”

*In the past, harassment prevention groups have encouraged men to be “allies” and to speak up when they see harassment, but all to often “that results in them being supjected to the same type of violence that plagues women.”

More than a million people have now seen the “Ten hours walking in New York City as a woman” viral harassment video.  Any of those 108 instances could easily have ended in violence.

Shoshana Roberts was paid $200 to be filmed walking.

Roberts:” I felt like crying and I have occurrences in my past of sexual assault, so I wasn’t even aware necessarily of all the times people were saying things to me. I was just going over in my head and reliving, unfortunately, these memories while I was walking. I wanted to break down in tears.

“I’m pretty sure I cried that night. I put on music. I took deep breaths. I hugged my boyfriend. I called my mom — I think that was right after the video. I called my mom just so I could hear that she loves me…”

Do men seriously not get this?  Or do they get it only too well.


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