Wikipedia targets women art noobs

little nell and snidely whiplash[Note: ongoing deletion discussions now finished  —  for Holly Fay here (closed as “no consensus” therefore keep), Amber Dalton here (result was redirect to Articulate Ink), Jan Layh here (closed as delete), Carmen Robertson here (moved by ThurnerRupert without consensus to Seeing Red: A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers ooh and now moved back (properly–pending closure by an uninvolved admin) by The Interior, who is an actual Canadian) (closed as “no consensus” to delete, therefore keep) and Barbara Meneley here (closed as “no consensus” to delete, therefore keep).]

“Welcome to Wikipedia”, wrote Jim Hayes on Facebook’s Wikipedia Weekly.“10 out of 12 new articles from editathon nominated for deletion.”

Only minutes before, John Mark Ockerbloom had tweeted “looks like 11 #ArtandFeminism articles I thought had simply not been created got summarily deleted w/o AfD…”

little nell with buzzsawThe Editathon is fast becoming the workaround to the toxic Wikipedia “buzzsaw culture” that prevents women from editing. Instead of one individual making a hundred edits, ten people make ten edits each and are gone. Wikipedia gets quality edits from professionals, academics, and experts who are knowledgeable in a field. The trolls from Manchester and Wikipediocracy don’t know who to target. They get nuthin’.

But now it looks like a group of amateur patrollers have targeted a March 8 International Women’s Day editing event just because it is for women.

So here is the meetup page.

And here are the articles listed for creation and their current status, as of 3/15/2016 :

To create: / Created:

In Draft:

little nell and dudley doright - dont forget to kiss the horse


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