The “Women of Power” series

According to Polish healersRob Brezsny: “Maxim’s “Hot 100” is the magazine’s list of the planet’s sexiest women. Sports Illustrated has its yearly Swimsuit Issue, which presents a bevy of twenty-something women dressed in skimpy bikinis. Esquire’s regular feature “Women We Love” is a gathering of skinny young celebrities. Now here are some of my current favorite beauties” — photographer Katarzyna Majak’s images of the wise women and healers of Poland.

“Majak was inspired to begin her journey after growing frustrated with the monoreligious culture she was brought up in, specifically with the established roles available to women…. “I intuitively felt what the mainstream offers to women does not satisfy their deeper search.”

“The first heroine of Majak’s project is a woman named Tanna, who helped devise a “farewell ritual” for a wedding dress left over from a wedding that never happened. Tanna then introduced Majak to her next subject, who then introduced her to another,…”

JoannaMajak_larhetta+asatru,+left+hand+path Natalia LLdruid polandkatarzyna-majak-women of powerkatarzyna-majak

Source: Huffington Post.  See also Slate, Porter Contemporary gallery, Facebook, and Wikipedia… oopsie, Katarzyna Majak is a red link, didn’t see that one coming, didja.


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