Arbcom Fools

dancing weinerJust when you thought the arbitration committee didn’t have enough sex and drugs in it, the committee looks like it’s on the brink of accepting a case about American politician Donald Trump’s penis size.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The case stems from an April Fools Day post, “Trump/Wales 2016“,  co-authored by Gamaliel, Montanabw, and Andreas Kolbe.  But it seems this is the revenge of the gamergaters, since only Gamaliel is named in the case.  The April Fool piece was completely tasteless, if that isn’t an oxymoron, and came complete with fake links and a small-hands penis joke.  Before Arbcom got their hands on it, seemed destined to die a quiet death, as it deserved.

The Wikipediocracy idiots are of course shitting their pants.  The two longest-running threads in their secret backroom forum are Gamergate and GOP, both topics now over 30 pages each.  Their misogyny is legendary.  They must relish the thought of trying to throw Gamaliel under the bus, and yet, it comes at the price of calling attention to a subject–The Donald’s endowments–that the Trump campaign would probably rather forget.

But don’t forget, this is really about protecting The Penis.  If faked nudes of women politicians–and their daughters–are the norm, and the price that female politicians are expected to pay for daring to appear in public, then the other norm is that The Penis is untouchable, and must not be used against men as a political tool (no pun intended).

The Arbcom has finally got more than one woman on it, but this round has seen them all recuse, leaving only the enigmatically gendered Amanda, formerly DQ, as the only unknown quantity in this latest Wikipedia sausagefest.

So how will the press headline this case? “Trump’s wee wee-wee”? “Wikipedia pissing match over Trump’s pee-pee”? “Arbcom trumps freedom of the press”?

And don’t forget NewYorkBrad’s bad poetry on the subject, as well as Wikipedia: Rules for fools, with a collection of past RFC’s on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Arbcom Fools

  1. Gamaliel isn’t going to get anything roasted. Haven’t they figured out yet why the whole of the de facto Wikimedia USA has recused? Not surprising though that they would go after him. He spoke out strongly at Wikiconference USA against the “new paradigm of coordinated offsite harassment” that he called “working the refs”, that is, “keeping people who want to enforce policy away from the situation, so they can do what they want”. They seem to approve of his hand size though. I have to admit that Gamaliel cuts a fine figure of a man.

    The Signpost is not an article. It is press. This is a Freedom of Press issue, pure and simple. Gamaliel’s predecessor did not stake out positions, and was rewarded with a nice bland WMF position. But the community has been saying privately that it is tired of “business as usual”. Gamaliel is something different. He is still a little rough around the edges, and he is still new on the job and finding his way, but there is huge private support for taking the Signppost and the Arbcom in a different direction and for the type of leadership he is showing. We shall see.

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