…I realized that the English language was in need of a new addition: the manologue.

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“The prevalence of the manologue is deeply rooted in the fact that men take, and are allocated, more time to talk in almost every professional setting. Women self-censor, edit, apologize for speaking. Men expound.”


Oh, goody, statistics:

“The fact that this tendency is masculine has been well established in social science. The larger the group, the more likely men are to speak (unless it is in a social setting like a lunch break). One study, conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University and Princeton, found that when women are outnumbered, they speak for between a quarter and a third less time than the men.”

This never ends well, does it.

“Having a seat at the table is very different than having a voice.”

Different than???!?  <sigh>


2 thoughts on “Manologue

  1. This is ingenious. I had to break it to somebody once that I didn’t want to get together anymore because he didn’t have conversations, he gave lectures. He hovered on the edge of the introverted/slightly-aspy/engineer social precipice so I’m not sure what use that information was to him.

    It’s not that he dominated the conversation, because I have no problem getting in there and making sure I am heard, it’s that he didn’t acknowledge what the other person was saying. Some people talk a lot but can still carry a topic along, others are oblivious to the natural give and take of a social exchange. I think manalogue could apply equally to both.

  2. Ever have this experience: you’re sitting at a conference table and a woman makes a proposal. Dead silence. A few minutes later, a man makes the same proposal and all the guys in the room say how wonderful it is. How can someone sitting right in front of you be so invisible? “Writing under a male name makes you eight times more likely to get published, one female author finds: Catherine Nichols received many more responses from agents as a man”

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