Kumioko unchained…by the most curious admin Ajraddatz

Louis_Huard_-_The_Punishment_of_Loki cropped1
The breaking of Loki’s chains signals the beginning of Ragnarök, the end of the world.

Long-time miscreant Kumioko has finally been globally unlocked.  And by one of the strangest admins you’ll ever see, a guy called Ajraddatz.  Kumioko was long ago renamed Reguyla–no idea how to pronounce it–for some obscure reason that has now been lost in the Mists Of Time. Reguyla’s specialty was spamming the interwebs with complaints about “abusive admins”, and the admins’ specialty has been trying to figure out how to keep the guy locked up.

So, about Ajraddatz.

To start off with, Ajraddatz has put in some time on a Pokeman wiki, reverting spam.  No big deal there, a lot of Wikipedians are into stuff like Pokeman and My Little Pony.

Ajraddatz is also deeply into Uncyclopedia, which is billed as a “comedy” wikia.

And what does Uncyclopedia think is funny?

“Don’t resist. The experience will be more pleasurable for the both of you if you just lay back and get raped.”

“In the rare occasions where the driver survives, the NSMBer comes back and swings the bat again to the drivers face. This method is maybe the most satisfying for the NSMBer.”

“You… you look amazing,” was all I was able to stammer as I gaped in awe at her. The intricate silk kimono she wore was tight on her body, displaying her nubile curves. She grinned slightly.

“Thank you, Mr. Wales,” she responded.

“We went over this, Wikipe-tan. Call me Jimbo.”

“Anything can be used to smack the bitch down, but the following is a list of preferred weapons.”

league of legends avatar croppedAjraddatz is also active on League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena video game where players receive points for destroying another group’s quarters (“nexus”) and killing unarmed non-player characters and civilians (“minions”).  He’s been there nine years, with over 5,000 edits.

*First request for admin on Meta 2011 (withdrawn)
*Second request for admin on Meta 2014 (passed)
*Stewart elections 2014 (passed)

An admin who thinks raping children, beating women, and smashing blacks in the face with clubs is funny, and who has spent nine years learning how to collaborate to kill unarmed bystanders. What could possibly go wrong?


[August 2018]

Well, well, well, Ajraddatz has a new name on Wikia.  He is now “C886553”.  They still seem to know him though.  (archived)   Dysklyver chronicles his hat-collecting career. (archived)

ajr new name on wikia

Seems like his name change broke a template.

ajraddatz broken template

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