Aunty Pakistan

Bloody NasreenOne lesson of @Nero’s aborted attack on Ghostbusters (see NYT), is of pre-existing violence being enabled by technology. The positive side of this is that it can be transcended with groups.

“Aunty Pakistan” @AuntyPakistan was an anonymous twitter handle that went viral overnight. It challenged stereotypes, had a narrative against violence. The next day it had thousands of followers, made it to the news, was endorsed by movie stars in Pakistan and India.

It started with a Bollywood flame war. This tweet went viral:
Aunty Pakistan mens insecurities

The next day, Aunty Pakistan had 3000 followers.

No one knows who this is. But they have taken on the problems caused by other women:
aunty pakistan - problems caused by other women

…and sexist abuse:
aunty pakistan - sexist abuses
Aunty Pakistan borrowed her avatar from Shahan Zaidi’s novel Bloody Nasreen. Bloody Nasreen is a street fighter from Karachi. She smokes cigarettes, kills, and does not wear a scarf. “How can she keep a dupatta in place when she’s running or jumping off high buildings?” asks Zaidi who says he wanted the character to be realistic. “I wanted my heroine to portray a regular girl-next-door from Karachi, someone every Pakistani girl could relate to.” Nasreen is described as “a contemporary bandit-queen, who fights against injustice and evil”, like human trafficking and corruption. She was inspired by previous fighting superheroines like the Burka Avenger and Shekhar Kapur‘s Bandit Queen.
burka avenger bandit queen


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