Hooligan Sparrow

Film about child rape in China opens tomorrow in New York.

“Her name is Ye Haiyan, and in 2013 she caused a stir by standing up against a case of child rape so flagrant that it galvanized a major sector of the Chinese public. In Hainan Province, six girls aged 11 to 14 went missing for close to 24 hours. It turned out that they had spent the night at a hotel with their school principal and his accomplice, who paid them $2,000 in order to abuse them. The money is significant, because it allowed the crimes to be classified as “prostitution,” and China’s prostitution laws wound up letting both men off the hook.”

The film was somehow smuggled out of China, in spite of harassment from government officials.

Reviews in: Variety. New York Times. IndieWire.

Ye Haiyan lost everything, including the right to rent an apartment. Maybe the artists and filmmakers portraying her will have a little better luck.

sparrow on the side of the road1
Hooligan Sparrow evicted.
Brooklyn Museum installation
Artists conception of eviction at Brooklyn Museum.

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