Objectify this

hend kheera - dont touch or castration awaits you
Kheera: “Don’t touch or castration awaits you.”

Egypt’s street art movement has been exploding with women artists.

Hend Kheera is in the vanguard with her anti-rape message: “Don’t touch or castration awaits you”.

A number of artist and movements even have Wikipedia articles:
Hend Kheera – Cairo street artist
SuzeeintheCity – photojournalist Soraya Morayef who documents grafitti

blue bra protest
The original “woman with the blue bra” survived.

Aya Tarek – graffiti artist from Alexandria
Hanaa El Degham – walls
Laila Magued – street murals
Mira Shihadeh – street murals
NooNeswa – collective, stenciled grafitti, including Oum Kaalthoum’s “Give me my freedom, set loose my chains.”

Blue Bra Graffiti (Bahia Shehab)
Shehab – “No, and a thousand times no”

Bahia Shehab – “No, and a thousand times no” wall murals and the blue bra protest.





This is one that needs no translation:
objectify this


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