Coup d’etat: Signpost takes no prisoners

Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space  –Steppenwolf, Born to be Wild

British_Army_Soldier_in_Full_Kit_in_Afghanistan_MOD_45152581The Signpost’s editor-in-chief Gamaliel is gone, toppled by a coup d’etat staged by Gamergate, the Arbitration committee, and Wikipediocracy’s hasten-the-day™ paid editing crowd.  A new co-editor in chief, Pete Forsyth, formerly of Wikipediocracy, has joined current co-editor in chief, Andreas Kolbe, also formerly of Wikipediocracy, at the Signpost‘s helm.

So, in a summer that saw 49 killed in a gay nightclub, numerous police officers and unarmed black men shot, a minority party stage sit-in for gun legislation at the House of Representatives, and the spread of Black Lives Matter protests to England this week, what did the post-conquista Signpost decide to decorate its first front page with?  Guns.

signpost august 2016Here on the Signpost’s front page, the soldier on the left takes aim at articles on Wikipedia’s privacy, harassment research, and Kevin Gorman’s death. Who knows what the soldier on the right is shooting at. Together they seem to personify Wikipedia’s toxic buzzsaw culture of “shoot first, ask questions later”.

So what’s in this issue?

Editorial: “Wikipedia policy suppresses sharing of information” by “Signpost editorial board”. That would be Andreas Kolbe, since those are his initials on the bottom. Suppressing information? Yeah, right, the “information” being suppressed is personal data, like names, addresses, and phone numbers of volunteers, that could be used by harassers. Oooh, but the names of eeevil paid editors are being suppressed. Don’t you even care? Well, cry me some crocodile tears, Wikipediocracy, because it looks like the first person on that list is the Signpost’s very own new co-editor in chief, Pete Forsyth, of Wiki Strategies, . Of course it might be the competition, Legal Morning, MyWikiPro, MetalRabbit or Wikiexperts. Maybe that’s why they’re all misty-eyed about not being able to publish the names, no free advertising. But the privacy policy didn’t stop the courageous Kevin Gorman from naming names in 2013.

What else? “Go Phightins!” retires and is thanked for his years of service, but not Gamaliel; that dude is more invisible than Snowball in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

All right, next. What kind of headline is this: “Foundation presents results of harassment research, plans for automated identification; Wikiconference submissions open”. As it turns out, this is not some nefarious plan for checkuser bots that will send Jimmy Wales to your front door.  The “automated identification” refers to algorithms for identifying harassment. Who writes these headlines?

Nominated for featured picture, but withdrawn. Result: not featured.

Here is the weirdest one of all, “Women and Hawaii”, apparently about featured articles, with a British soldier pointing a gun straight at the word “women”. So what are the actual topics of the featured stuff?  A coin, a car race, a ship, a film award, two women, and four men.  It seems the actual presence of 2 women out of 10 articles (20%) is enough to sent the Signpost into a tizzy and enshrine the event in a title.

And what about the soldier? According to this, it was nominated for featured picture, but withdrawn by the nominator after only one support vote and 7 opposes.  Comments: “A soldier, not more.” “Too static. No action or context to give this any excitement or interest”.  “Where is the wow”.  And a bit over-exposed, I should think. We won’t talk about depth of field.

Again, do they proofread?  What exactly, is this article about, anyhow?  This is much much worse than even my high school paper.  Even the alternative papers the stoners put out were better than this.   Ah, but it’s a brave new world, a post-gamergate Wikipedia, where the men don’t have to be competent because the women know their place.  Heh, the proofreader is MontanaBW.  No wonder.   If she’s smart, she’ll keep her mouth shut.


One thought on “Coup d’etat: Signpost takes no prisoners

  1. Wonderful! Keep up the good armpit farts, Wikipedia. A resounding success for the more reductive faction of editors and their tireless efforts to see to it the project is always looking ahead, always moving forward to become the shittier place we know it can be. Now, have the fragile little ego flowers of the Inept Masters Of The WP Winnerverse been watered sufficiently? I kid. Of course they haven’t.

    “Well, these changes are certainly going to improve the quality of The Signpost!”

    (Said no worthwhile WP editor ever)

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