Wikipedia manument

wikipedia ball
Armenian Wikipedia ball

So this week it was pretty hard to come up with feel-good stories about Wikipedia, not to mention Wikipedia stories that do not involve the trashing of women contributors. There was “The Woes of Wikipedia“, a cautionary tale about an academic who got gamergated by the Manchester regulars. There was “Goodbye to the Loudest Drunk in NPR’s Online Bar“, a Bill Moyers piece about eliminating comments,  there was Time magazine’s “How trolls are ruining the internet“.  And there was the warm fuzzy “Can librarians fix Wikipedia’s gender gap?” which librarian Karen Coyle quickly shot down with “Wikipedia and the numbers fallacy.”

So Wikipedia Weekly Sausagefest group on Facebook were absolutely giddy with delight to find a group of Armenians who have made a concrete statue of the Wikipedia globe, which they intend to sink in a lake. This in turn led to many more nostalgic reminisces about Wikipedia statues, in particular the Polish Wikipedia monument, which was so cruelly ignored by Wikipedia leadership, not to mention the mainstream media, and which is now so nobly enshrined on its own Commons page.

But wait, the statue has a boob.  A boob made perhaps by someone who has never seen a boob before, but a boob nonetheless.  I seem to remember this statue used to be all sausage bits.

Wikipedia Monument marked
Completed statue with boob thingy.
all male wikipedia statue with circles and arrows
Proposed Wikipedia statue with an all male cast

Ah yes, here it is. “Poland to honor Wikipedia with monument“, on October 9, 2014. Compare to current article on (on mobile?)

Wikipedia Monument closeup
Closeup of boob-like area

Seems a bit high, 25% women, but hey, it’s art, what’s not to like?


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