Safe Space purge

Sound familiar?

“Well our first priority is creating a safe space for women,
so if our women don’t feel safe in that space,
we should replace them with women who do.”

Or this:

Tech Company: What are we doing that is unintentionally scaring women away?

Person who Mistakes the Question as a Genuine One: Well, when you do x, women sometimes feel y.

Tech Company: What is wrong with them? So sensitive and politically correct. We certainly don’t want women like that working here. Let’s find the women who don’t feel like that and hire them.

Women Who Want to Fit In: Oh yeah, hire me. I don’t feel like that. I’m totally cool. I’ll also give talks on how women just need to work on themselves so they can work in tech. It’s all about women’s lack of confidence, and not knowing how to dress, act, talk or feel.

End Scene



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