Canadian manels and persons

canadian manel - finance committee on gender1.pngJust when you thought it was 2016 in Canada: “About to address the federal standing committee on Finance on economic equality for women,” tweeted Jenny Wright (@JenEWright), “And they are all men.”

“I was urging them to listen to the World Health Organization and other organizations who have been calling on all governments to use gender assessment tools when they’re putting together budgets,” Wright said. She was disappointed that none of the panel members had any follow-up questions or comments on the matter when given the chance to respond.

“Not a single one, and I think that is clearly because there wasn’t a woman,” she said.

Hmm, what is this “gender assessment tool” of which you speak?

But oh looky, there’s a bright side, Canada has a “person’s day“.  In 1929, Canadian women became “persons”, thanks to a court case by the “Famous Five“: Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney, and Henrietta Muir Edwards— all blue links, looks like the Canadians are up to speed on that one at least.

Hm, and I see what they did here on Commons, that black elbow in the middle is a dead giveaway [image source 1, 2]:

persons-sm wlmk_unveiling_plaque_to_valiant_five


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