The c-word and no true Texas gentleman

Texas politician and Trump supporter Sid Miller – all hat and no gentleman. This is not a stealth image or a dogwhistle attack from some opponent trying to make him look like he’s giving a fascist salute – this is pinned to the top of his Twitter feed.

Last Tuesday, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller posted a tweet that referred to Hillary Clinton as a “c—.” His excuse? His account was hacked, it was posted by a staff member, it was only a screenshot and it was only a retweet (it wasn’t), and besides which, the staff copied it from somewhere else, and besides which, it was deleted.


Says Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, “The language is reprehensible and is an embarrassment.  No true Texas gentleman would ever talk this way.”

Abbott may be a lot of things–he opposed gay marriage and he supported a monument of the Ten Commandments on the Texas state capital grounds–but even he balks at language that debases women.

Abbott became a paraplegic after being hit by an oak tree.  “Some politicians talk about having a steel spine. I actually have one,” he has said.  That he does.

(Oh my, Miller’s *sanitized* Twitter feed is something else.)

Update: Now that Miller is being considered for a cabinet post, more social media clues to his identity have been discovered.  In 2015 Miller posted a photo of an atomic mushroom cloud on Facebook and suggested bombing the Muslim world, again taking it down after blaming his staff.

Another update (11/16/2016): Looks like heads will roll. WaPo reports, “He later placed blame for the tweet on a “third-party vendor” who he said would be removed from his campaign staff.”

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