Lightbreather obsession

aspergers-obsessionIt’s been over a year since I wrote a post mentioning Lightbreather.  The post garnered some rather juvenile comments, but their motives were never clear.  Was this a tactic of the gun lobby, just some socially inept person, or maybe both?

She has now moved to Facebook: is moving

I have been harassed and threatened by a WordPress user, but WordPress calls it “free speech”. Therefore, I am looking for a new hosting platform.
In the meantime please visit my Facebook page at
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Someone is definitely still obsessed with her.



2 thoughts on “Lightbreather obsession

  1. Obsession is right! I have some ideas about who this person who is obsessed with “exposing” me is. He/She is undoubtedly a Wikipedia editor: probably an ex-editor, or someone who no longer edits with a username they used when I was an editor. They believe that they know who I am. But you know who else “exposed” me? Ex-editor Scalhotrod, or someone with whom he shared a sex-dot-com account. And he/they posted porn pictures of at least a half-dozen different women whom he/they labelled as “Wikipedia editor Lightbreather “. So not only was it harassment of me, but also of those women, who probably had not consented to have their pictures used publicly – certainly not to harass other women! Same with other private info this (other?) “doxxer” posts. If it’s private info about me, that’s bad, but if it’s private info about some other woman or women, that’s equally bad!

  2. Funny they aren’t able to ask for whatever it is they want, if whatever they want is legitimate, but then again there are so many Wikipedians who could benefit from social skills training.

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