Women in tech meet Godzilla

bambi-meets-gozilla DrupalCamp Munich puts Playboy magazines into its welcome bags.

“Upon reflection, this wasn’t the best idea,…”

Well, duh.

And now, instead of doing what everyone else came to the conference for, and going to sessions they’re actually interested in, the minority members will be shunted off into some kind of “diversity track” session, where they will be expected to be responsible for the additional workload of fixing yet another toxic corporate culture without compensation.



Been there, done that. Life is too short.
Just walk out.
Don’t look back.


2 thoughts on “Women in tech meet Godzilla

  1. Reminds me of Wikipedians (including Wikipediocracy representative Zoloft AKA Stanistani) going to Tilted Kilt after North American #WikiConference 2016 in San Diego. Wikimedia Foundation executive director Katherine Maher walked in – and then right back out!

  2. If you look at their website, and I kinda wish I hadn’t, they have some pretty weird statements by some of their (scantily-clad) employees

    • “We build relationships with our guests, making everyone feel special.”
    • “We treat every guest as if they are a visitor in our home”
    • “Tilted kilt brand represents family and friends, you’re not only a guest.”
    • “The Tilted Kilt brand represents fun with friends and family and anyone is welcome!”

    This is not a place for people to go *with* their friends; this is a place for people who have no friends. And if you have ever been subjected to this kind of stuff in a work environment, or after-work environment, you can never look at these guys the same way again, without a sick feeling in your gut. It reaches out into your home life, into your personal relationships, and heaven help you if you need the money to keep your family together.

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