WaPo and the Women’s March on Washington

So can you spot the mistake?
Here’s the Tweet:

…and here are the screenshots, in case the Tweet gets deleted.
wapo-male-symbol wapo-female-symbol

No, not the male sign instead of the female sign; that was brilliant.  It guaranteed coverage for the march on every major news outlet, except the BBC including the BBC.

barbie-in-npinkHere’s a clue, read the comments. As one poster says, “but it’s PINK. That automatically makes it for wimminz.”

barbie-and-pink-unicornYeah, pink. Silly, immature, girlish, Barbie-doll pink, the color of romance and female genitalia, the color of My LIttle Pony and bubblegum.  The use of which can “lead you to abandoning your adult responsibilities.”

Wapo’s art department, what they’ve done here, is they’re undermining the march, undermining the movement.  They are dismissive of women.  To them it’s all just My Little Pony.  A living wage?  Salaries that are 71¢ for every dollar a man makes?  They can’t take that seriously, women equals pink, it’s all symbols, not real people.

So FFS Washington Post, google some color theory already.   They all say the same thing. Pink is not a color for grownups.  Try orange, bright orange, that young people supposedly test well with, not the dark orange which has bad connotations, or brown, which is considered masculine.  Or try blue or black, they all have gravitas.

If the WaPo wanted to take us seriously, this is more the kind of thing they ought to publish:


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