The demise of Wikipedia criticism

Kind of sad to see this in a way, because these folk did sometimes provide some popcorn.

But…Wikipediocracy, universally loathed for its rampant misogyny, has been in its death throes for some time, destroyed from within.  The day was hastened some time ago with the departure of Vigilant, who I actually miss, except that he was the one who stuck up for all the other insufferable jerks who made the site so toxic.


wps-takedown-screenshotWikipedia Sucks and So Do Its Critics just went dark this week, along with their companion Blogspot site a few days later,  in an unexplained TOS takedown from their provider.  The survivors are huddled together on the Wikipedia Review proboards, trying to talk bravely about anything except what really matters.


Longtime Wikipediocracy insider Zoloft (William Burns) continues to brownnose at both sites, as does the insufferable newcomer hasten-the-day™ true believer Rogol Domedonfors.


So what is left?  Has Wikipedia become too boring to criticize?  Or is this the harbinger of the demise of Wikipedia itself, finally overcome by the weight of its own groupthink.


4 thoughts on “The demise of Wikipedia criticism

  1. Strelnikov’s Wikipedia Sucks blog has never been down that I know of. The blog and the old WS forum were never combined; Strelnikov was the common denominator for both of them. It was Mutineer who owned the taken-down WS forum.

  2. I’m kind of conflating the two, since the forum was used to comment on the blog, but I had thought the blogspot was down briefly a couple of days after the forum went down. The best date I can reconstruct without a screenshot is Feb. 20, or maybe not. I have no idea what the “old WS” might be, and have no idea who Strelnikov is, outside of an avatar.

    1. Strelnikov was kicked off of WO. Barbour’s exit could have been prompted by that. The old WS is the one ProBoards removed. I’ve not heard that the blog was ever down. The comments section there was used for communication when the forum went down.

  3. Yeah it was down all right, but I have no idea how long, I hadn’t read the latest post yet, grabbed it off of google cache and saved it to a document.

    A lot of people kicked off of WCrazy. Can’t figure out why they are willing to pay for the site. Probably using it to coordinate paid editing behind the scenes, and the ones kicked off are not part of their business model.

    Looks like Joy/Sorrow is putting something together, looking forward to that.

    UPDATE NOTE: If anyone is looking for the 20-odd comments left by one “Rogol Domedonfors”, I got tired of explaining to him why I was tired of explaining to him. If there is anyone actually interested in viewing the comments, I can put them in a post, but the TL:DR is “I don’t understand what some other people write”, and “I claimed some stuff, but I can’t be bothered to document it”. Why does this guy reminds me SPECIFICO.

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