Chimpanzees get tired of alpha male and kill him

Misogynists love to quote an “alpha male” model of human behavior goes something like ‘you have to be an asshole in order to get laid, because that is what you see in nature’. You used to see these evolutionary excuses for bullying on Wikipediocracy a lot, which may explain why they are in the running for their own Darwin award.

So, Pimu was the alpha male of a group of chimpanzees from 2007 to 2011, when he was killed by “his underlings” the other male chimpanzees, who “banded together to beat him to death“. Male pundits branded this incident as “rare” and “unusual”.

Oh wait here is another one, a chimpanzee named Foudouko, “beaten with rocks and sticks, stomped on and then cannibalised”. According to the article, there are now eight known cases of alpha males getting killed instead of just the one, but the same male pundits are dragged out to pronounce this “rare”, and mutter about “tension between conflict and cooperation” and “competition for reproduction”. Ewww, do these male “scientists” ever get laid themselves? But this time there is a female researcher who heard the screams and discovered the body, and who says that it was a female chimpanzee that cannibalized the body the most. Kinda blows that “male coalition” narrative out of the water.


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