Dildos that spy

Is your vibrator spying on you? Now we know it can be done.

Comedian Steve Colbert sends Obama a message through his microwave.

This week some Wikipedians were composing a letter to a burger chain scolding them for using Wikipedia in a commercial. But elsewhere, the incident caused people to suddenly notice that their home devices are capable of listening in on them, correctly interpreting their conversation, and responding by executing a program.

Not that the White House doesn’t already believe that Obama is spying on Trump Tower.  And Kellyanne Conway explained this could be done with a microwave.

But these are all jokes, or “alternative facts”.  What about dildos?

The makers of We-Vibe sex toy have been collecting individual dildo usage information that is tied to email addresses.  The lawsuit against them was worth $3.75 million.  About 300,000 people bought the vibrator, and who knows how many have downloaded the app, so maybe someone can do the math and say whether or not they came out ahead.

It might be worth pointing out here, that even though Comcast has had the technology to spy on you since at least 2008 — I wrote about it here at “Can Wikipediocracy spy on you through your webcam?” — and they can certainly get your IP address if you view their website, there is no proof that they can communicate with your sex toys. Absolutely none.


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