Wiki Tribune

Others have written comprehensively about this, Jimbo’s newest business venture, I will just add a few quick links.

Here is the WikiTribune campaign video on Vimeo.

There is an interesting thread here, about Terms of Service, and the potential liability of writers, since it looks like this is a British entity and under the stricter British defamation laws. (Someone should find out how they get such interesting comments instead of the usual KEK Army garbage, and apply the technology to Wikipedia.)

From the Guardian article you find out there is a previous business model, the Dutch media service De Correspondent, that seems to be working (citation needed).  [Wikipedia article.]

BBC News seems to have published 4 or 5 articles about this in the last 24 hours, but the one that explains everything is here.  Advisors to what BBC refers to as “the scheme” are:

  • Silicon Valley venture capitalist (and former WMF board member) Guy Kawasaki,
  • journalism lecturer Prof Jeff Jarvis,
  • US law professor (and former presidential candidate endorsed by Jimbo) Larry Lessig, and
  • model/actress Lily Cole, whose Wikipedia article looks nothing like her Wikipediocracy article.

I only see one serious knowledgeable person here.  The others look like talkers, big picture thinkers, and window dressing.  The only woman – and there is unfortunately only one, so groupthink –  is notable for her looks.

Will one of the WP criticism sites do any deep background on these people, preferably one that doesn’t have an ax to grind against Jimbo? Hello, Wikipedia Review, have you got talent on board for that level of research?  Where is your blog?  (NB: ok, Wikipediocracy’s got it,  Vigilant came back for a rare cameo.)

So three concerns.

  • How will they prevent the climate from degenerating into toxicity, as it has on Wikipedia?
  • Will this format allow women new access to coverage in reliable sources that has made them so hard to write Wikipedia articles about?  If so we may find a flurry of citations using this source that will give it some google juice.
  • Will this conflict with Wikipedia’s business model, and give Jimbo a COI that would force him to give up his seat on the WMF board (which would make me very unhappy).  Or does all this talk about clickbait mean WikiTribune will be linked to gmail in the same way that Yahoo is linked to the clickbait infomercials.

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