Reddit’s Red Pill misogyny forum linked to New Hampshire politician

Robert Fisher - New Hampshire legislature
Robert Fisher in the N.H. legislature

An interesting read. The secret identity of New Hampshire politician Robert Fisher has been pieced together by this journalist in “The Republican Lawmaker Who Secretly Created Reddit’s Women-Hating ‘Red Pill’” by Bonnie Bacarisse.

Oh dear:

“In 2008, writing under the username FredFredrickson, Fisher posited that the notion that “rape is bad” was not an absolute truth. He wrote, “I’m going to say it—Rape isn’t an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he’d say it’s quite good, really.”

And the Red Pill is supposed to have more than 195,000 subscribers on Reddit, all lapping up its conspiracy theories.

Robert Fisher with UBER sunglasses.png
Future so dark, gotta wear shades – UBER shades LOL

Hmm, Snopes has just covered this. And the Boston Globe, Yup, it’s viral all right. And his Wikipedia article, which has consisted of a one line sentence and one ref since December 2016, has just started expanding dramatically.

I would say his ex has dodged a bullet.


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