Methodist mutiny

Robin Ridenour (L) and Bishop Oliveto

Members of the United Methodist church are girding up their loins to defy the UMC hierarcy after the Judicial council returned an unfavorable ruling on Bishop Karen Oliveto’s consecration as Bishop. The bishop appears to be married to a woman, Deaconess Robin Ridenour. The judicial council did not take any action though, other than to return the ruling to a lower court.  In the meantime they are taking every chance they get to refer to her by title as “Bishop Karen Oliveto”.  You can bet the words “justice”, “subversive” and “inclusive” are making the rounds of the mailing lists tonight.  The patriarchy  better get ready to take a beating.  And Karen Oliveto’s Wikipedia article?  A stub, naturally, but it does provide the information that “At the time of her election, she was the senior pastor of Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco. Oh, it’s all becoming perfectly clear. “Now we know in part, then we shall know in full,” to quote one of Christianity’s most infamous patriarchs.


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